First trailer: Tom Cruise in Oblivion

Trailer Simon Brew 9 Dec 2012 - 06:49

Here's the first trailer and poster for the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster, Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise...

With the early word on his incoming blockbuster Jack Reacher positive this far, Universal has taken the opportunity to put out a trailer and poster for Tom Cruise's next big movie, Oblivion.

The film's in post-production (Cruise has already moved onto this next project, All You Need Is Kill), and has been directed by Tron: Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski. It's a sci-fi thriller that also boasts Olga Kurylenko, Melissa Leo and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in its cast. And we've got the trailer for you right here. The poster, which you'll find underneath it, isn't bad either...

Oblivion arrives in cinemas next April.

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looks like a cliche video game.

Looks interesting. A little too actiony for me, I am getting tired of overly action-type science fiction movies though, I want a CEREBRAL science fiction movie. I would love to see Foundation or Ringworld made into a movie...why can't hollywood get those going? Far superior science fiction.

The first half looked like Wall-E (no bad thing). Shame they gave away the plot twist

Sigh. He's an alien, or a cloned human unwittingly working for the aliens. The aliens won. Why can't we have some originality? Or at least trailers that don't give away the who,e plot to anyone with half a brain cell...

Well, if any of us hadnt worked out the plot and were still looking forward to it, you have just removed that interest. Thank you. Anything else you would like to spoil while you're at?

Seriously, cant we ban people like this?

I agree with almost everyone else. It looks quite promising, yet too much emphasise on the action. Reminds me of District 9 in a way, how that became all action towards the end. It's a shame, the concept art really made it look like something spectacular, though concept art always does.

My take on the trailer (and I haven't seen anything about it other than the trailer) is that the attack wasn't from aliens but humans. So still a massive cover up and Cruise still unwittingly working for the bad guys, but not aliens.

Why is it that 90% of lead characters in action films are called Jack?

Couldn't agree more. Sci-Fi in cinema could do with an overhaul. However, this is just the trailer, and these damn things tend to over emphasis action/comedy over any attempt to portray what the films actual strengths are. I re-watched In Bruge recently. Great film. Ever seen the theatrical trailer for it? Yeah. That trailer ain't the film. Here's hoping Oblivion stays focused on concept over lowest common denominator thrills.

The second I see Tom Cruise's name I'm out. Tom has zero range as an actor and essentially plays Ethan Hawk in every single movie. Not to mention every film he makes has the cliche "season Blockbuster" moniker attacked to it...

not enough tit for me

Looks like Moon with a bigger bugger. (with regard to the twist).

It's like Moon and Avatar had a baby, and gave it to Mission Impossible to raise...

not a twist at all, read the script

Tom Cruise is a VERY good actor. I wish he would stop making action films and go back to some serious acting.

Rainman, Magnolia, Jerry Maguire etc... that's what Cruise needs to go back to.

Although with the amount of action films he has now clocked up in the last decade, I'm suprised he isnt being considered for The Expendables 3!!

He didn't give away the plot its just speculation, the trailer has however made the first 30 minutes or more of the film pointless. The initial scene setting and character development would have been turned on its head as the film progressed delivering a surprise for the viewer, the twist that the (SPOILER although its clearly stated in the trailer) that humans are alive on the planet and the sentries he is repairing are killing them. Speculating on why this is happening hasn't spoiled the film, the trailer did.

No range as an actor?

Born on the 4th of July
A Few Good Men
Jerry Maguire
Lions for Lambs
Interview with a Vampire

Quite a few different characters there wouldnt you say?

Given what they have to pay Tom Cruise and what they expect as a return on investment, you can't expect them to fill the script with much in the way of actual ideas.

Because they are both expensive to make and wont attract the teen audience. The days of 2001 and Close Encounters are gone forever, sadly. This is a close as you are going to get. I think it looks promising, even if the trailer smacks you over the head with the twist and practically spoils itself.

I'm trying to figure out how it's only sixty years after the attack and buildings are somehow encased in solid rock but haven't fallen down.

Between this and the M Night "After Earth" film, it feels like Dueling Movies to me.

Couldnt agree more old son, I get the impression that he has pretty much given up pushing himself, maybe got fed up chasing an oscar? all that crazy scientology stuff probably didnt help (although if you ask me its about as silly as believeing in a giant bearded man in the sky). Yes he makes mainly action movies these days, but the man can act when he wants to, no question about that.

I want a Tom Cruise action film where his character's name is Nigel, or Dennis, or Colin or Gareth, or something a bit less hero-y. He always seems to be Jack Flintknife or something similarly boring

My first thought when he said his name was Captain Jack Harkness. They even look similar.

In the last ten years though we've had the likes of Primer, District 9, Another Earth, The Sound of My Voice, The Road, A Scanner Darkly and Moon - all of which were cerebral sci-fi outings...

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