Now You See Me 2 confirmed for September shoot

News Simon Brew 10 Feb 2014 - 06:33

The sequel to Now You See Me is definitely happening, and will shoot later this year.

Get ready to add another movie to the 2015 release roster, as Lionsgate is pressing ahead on its planned sequel to last year's Now You See Me.

We quite enjoyed the first film, even though it didn't take much prodding at its shell of logic for it all to fall apart. Nonetheless, the bunch of magicians - played by Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco - are all expected to return, as is director Louis Letterier. That said, Eisenberg may have a scheduling problem, given his commitment to make Batman Vs Superman, whose shoot is likely to overlap.

More on Now You See Me 2 as we hear it.


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I watched the first film last year and it was my low point of 2013. Just inexcusably bad. Such a great concept as well, but the writing was just ... I mean, why did they? ... It was ... I mean. And now there's going to be two of them!?

Totally agree.
The films problem was that it had such a big hard on for itself trying to keep the viewer off the scent of Mark Ruffalo's character being 'the dude'. I mean, 'WHAT?! WHY?!... Oh, nevermind.'

Watch NYSM Honest Trailers & CinemaSins on YouTube, they are brilliant.

I'm the opposite side of the coin. I saw this on a flight to Brazil last year with no prior knowledge of the film.
I really enjoyed it.

I hope they dont actually call it "Now You See Me 2". That would be stupid, they need something like "Now You Don't" or "Now You See Me: The Next Eye" or something. First movie was brilliant, loved it.

"This isn't the droid you're looking for."

I think they are going to incorporate 'Now You See Me' in the title or otherwise very big on the poster. A large chunk of the cinemagoing people won't get that it's a sequel otherwise.

The best part of Now You See Me was getting to see Dave Franco kicking ass. Literally the rest of the movie was appauling!

Please be called 'Now You Don't'

If sitting through a mediocre movie was the low point of the year....THAT WAS A GREAT YEAR!

It's quite the achievement but I think this was actually the stupidest film of last year. Mainly because it seemed to be under the impression that it was all amazingly complicated and smart.

It'll probably be "Now You See Me Too" or something completely original like that ...

They should just call it Now You See Me: Now You Don't.

Now You See Me: Now You Don't would be a great title and if they make a third one it could be called Now You Three Me

I don't care what anyone says about the movie because I loved it, I watched it 7 times in 3 days and I just can't wait for the new one because it kind of implied it at the end it says at the count of 3 to open your eyes and tell them what you see, it goes 1,2, then goes black. And they did give pretty big, perhaps not obvious hints to mark ruffalo being the 5th horseman like big daddy issues, the way he did not seem to know as much as he should have and the way he was so dismissive about magic, but payed close attention to stuff about Lionel Shrike. All in all, best movie ever.

...i thought it was one of the best films of last year... it was pretty amazing, if you think about any film to hard it becomes bad and illogical, as they say the closer you look the less you'll see!

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