Now You See Me gets a sequel

News Simon Brew
13 Aug 2013 - 07:03

Now You See Me 2 is going into production in 2014, it's been revealed...

Bubbling up in a comic-book and sequel-ridden summer was Louis Letterier's daft but fun crime caper, Now You See Me. Made for an economical (by modern standards) $75m, the movie has thus far grossed $115m in the US, and another $140m elsewhere on the planet, a solid hit by anyone's standard.

There was, in truth, a better film to be made out of the film's ingredients, but it was still solid entertainment, and Lionsgate has announced that it's planning to shoot a Now You See Me sequel next year. Presumably, that's another film to add to the crowded summer of 2015, then.

It's unclear thus far which members of the cast and crew will be back.

More news on Now You See Me Again (or whatever it ends up being called) when we get it...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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