Noel Clarke on trying to make Black Panther, Black Lightning & Supergirl

News Simon Brew 4 Oct 2012 - 11:37

Noel Clarke reveals that he's been trying to get DC and Marvel interested in a number of projects, but to no avail...

Arriving in cinemas tomorrow in the UK is the new film from Noel Clarke, The Knot. It’s a wedding comedy, for which Clarke has written the script and taken a leading role. And ahead of its release, he chatted to us about the movie.

We’ll have the full interview tomorrow, but ahead of that, Clarke had some interesting things to say about his attempts to get projects moving with both Marvel and DC. It’s no secret that he was interested in playing Black Panther for Marvel, so we asked him: had he put a call in to the company yet?

”They’re not interested, man”, he told us. “I’ve tried everything. I’ve offered to write the film, they’re not interested. Obviously I’d love to play the part, they’re not interested. I wanted to write Black Lightning for DC, they’re not interested. I’ve tried. I want Supergirl, they’re not interested. They’re just not interested”.

He went on to reveal that he’s now working on a superhero project of his own, which he’s written. More news to come of that soon, potentially…

The Knot is released in UK cinemas tomorrow.

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Right, I really don't mean any offense to Noel here but, Marvel and DC have Joss Whedon, Kenneth Branagh, Christopher Nolan, Zach Snyder, Joe Johnston, Shane Black and Edgar Wright... Why exactly WOULD they be interested in Mickey from Doctor Who?

I think you're being a little unfair to Noel Clarke. He's got a lot of experience as a writer/producer and director especially for a career pretty much based in the stagnant UK Film Industry. Fair play to him for having the balls to knock on the doors off such legendary companies and ask for the chance! Branagh and Favreau both seemed to be off the wall choices for directing huge super hero films when they were announced and they both came up with the goods. Clarke's directed more films than Shane Black has too. I'd like to see a Captain Britain story developed solely using UK talent (to stop it having a Mary Poppins feel!) it could be possible with Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn's X Men First Class performing so well for Fox!

Never been disappointed with his films, would love to read about his ideas for Supergirl.

I would certainly want someone with a passion for the characters and something to say in charge of bringing out movies of lesser known characters in the Big 2's catalogue.

Clarke also has a reputation for producing something out of practically nothing. Whether you like his style or not he's done well to work with what he is given to make his scripts a reality and has jumped from genre to genre with each film.

He is incredibly driven and I respect that. I wish him luck in pursuing his own project and hope he gets his chance to work on something with a decent budget!

Frankly, I think he'd be a bit of an odd choice for Supergirl, but if he can look good in a red skirt and a blonde wig, I say give him it.

Black Panther is my favourite one but I'd like to see him appear in another film first, perhaps Captain America before getting his solo film.

I don't think I'm being too unfair. I like Noel Clarke, I really do, but compared to other directors I named (and the ones you singled out) he really doesn't bring anything to the table..
Whedon and Black redefined their respective genres
Branagh and Johnston are beloved moviemaking veterans
Snyder and Wright are two of the most stylish directors in the biz, with comic adaptation experience
And Nolan, rightly or wrongly, is widely heralded as the greatest director of his generation.
Noel Clarke? Yeah, nice guy. He directed the sequel to Kidulthood and... uh... yeah...

Not sure it's wise to air his grievances in public. May ruin future opportunities. Although I would be first in line for a new supergirl. And I think Blake Lively would be a good punt...

That's to play the lead obviously, don't have any reasons why Noel wouldn't make a good go at it (however, would love to see QT have a go at Nightwing)

His work ethic is incredible.

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