Noel Clarke on trying to make Black Panther, Black Lightning & Supergirl

News Simon Brew
4 Oct 2012 - 11:37

Noel Clarke reveals that he's been trying to get DC and Marvel interested in a number of projects, but to no avail...

Arriving in cinemas tomorrow in the UK is the new film from Noel Clarke, The Knot. It’s a wedding comedy, for which Clarke has written the script and taken a leading role. And ahead of its release, he chatted to us about the movie.

We’ll have the full interview tomorrow, but ahead of that, Clarke had some interesting things to say about his attempts to get projects moving with both Marvel and DC. It’s no secret that he was interested in playing Black Panther for Marvel, so we asked him: had he put a call in to the company yet?

”They’re not interested, man”, he told us. “I’ve tried everything. I’ve offered to write the film, they’re not interested. Obviously I’d love to play the part, they’re not interested. I wanted to write Black Lightning for DC, they’re not interested. I’ve tried. I want Supergirl, they’re not interested. They’re just not interested”.

He went on to reveal that he’s now working on a superhero project of his own, which he’s written. More news to come of that soon, potentially…

The Knot is released in UK cinemas tomorrow.

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