Darren Aronofsky and Paramount in battle over Noah final cut

News Simon Brew 16 Oct 2013 - 06:31

Director Darren Aronofsky and Paramount are reportedly clashing over the final cut of next year's biblical epic, Noah, with Russell Crowe.

Just because we don't hear of the battles that often, that doesn't mean that directors and studios don't frequently go head to head as they try and lock down a final cut on a feature. However, it seems that the size and stature of Darren Aronofsky's upcoming Noah epic, starring Russell Crowe, is one reason why stories of problems have emerged in The Hollywood Reporter.

The outlet cites 'multiple sources' as suggesting that test screenings of Noah have produced "worrisome results". And whilst Paramount's Rob Moore has said that the project is going through a "normal preview process", the report suggests that the studio has made suggestions back on test screening feedback, suggestions that Aronofsky is reportedly not particularly keen on. The report cites one source as saying that Aronofsky "is not made for studio films" and that he "doesn't care" about Paramount's opinion.

That said, in public at least Paramount is acknowledging that while the director "definitely wants some level of independence", that he also "wants a hit movie". This is comfortably the biggest and most expensive film of Aronofsky's career to date, and one that's set to hit cinemas in March next year.

We'll see how this resolves, and whether reports of disagreements are down to the stature of the project, or because there are genuine, major problems behind the scenes. Either way, we're six months out from release, and as we've seen several times of late, stories of behind the scenes troubles are no indicator that a film will be poor once it's completed. Quite the contrary in some cases.

Noah remains one of our most eagerly-awaited films of 2014.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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this may come as a bit of a shock to you but people are entitled to believe what they wish, and no one has the right to discriminate against a person because of their beliefs, also, hollywood has been churning out biblical adaptations for about ninety years

So it's ok to make movies based on books set on other worlds, in other galaxies, in the distant past and the far future, with wizards and dragons and talking trees and super powers and so on, but not if the stories happen to come from the best-selling book of all time?

Nobody's asking you to believe it really happened, but it's ridiculous to suggest that Hollywood should be allowed to make movies out of any book except the Bible. Especially since the stories in the Bible are the basis for the ancient mythology of many civilisations around the world not to mention many, many books which have been written over the centuries which perhaps you thought were completely original stories if you've never read the Bible.

I hope they have the bit where Noah doesn't let the unicorns on the boat cos they're drunk...

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