Michael Bay clarifies Ninja Turtles aliens rumours

News Matt Edwards 30 Apr 2013 - 05:53

The Ninja Turtles will not be aliens, says Michael Bay on the promotional trail for Pain & Gain...

Movie director and renowned internet darling (ahem) Michael Bay has been doing the press rounds for his new movie, Pain and Gain. You can read Den Of Geek’s take on that film here. While charming the pants off of the press like the roguish cad that he is, Bay took the opportunity to comment on the hubbub surrounding the upcoming Ninja Turtles movie reboot that he’s producing.

Last year, the internet slumped to the floor, red faced from screaming and overcome with emotion, as Bay suggested in an 11 second comment that the Ninja Turtles would be aliens in the upcoming film.

Of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have, traditionally, been mutants. It’s in the name. Such a significant change to their backstory seemed odd and played on existing fears that Bay and co might be intending to do awful, harmful things to our beloved Ninja Turtles. We were sceptical that things were quite so clear, though, and suggested that there were a lot of potential interpretations of Bay’s comments in this piece.

Then, last summer an early draft of the script leaked featuring a lot of really strange stuff, most notably alien Ninja Turtles. Bay dismissed the script as something that was scrapped, but has remained tight lipped (as has everyone involved in the production when pressed on the subject) on the issue of alien Turtles.

Finally, now, with the film currently in production and scheduled for release in June 2014, Bay has addressed the issue in a chat with US cinema listings site Moviefone. On the subject, Bay said “There was that quote saying that we’re making [the Ninja Turtles as] aliens. We’re not. It’s the ooze! It’s from the original source material. These are from the original writers, and I never went out to correct myself in the press. “

So there we go. Not aliens, alien ooze. Of course, “that quote” that Bay is referencing is something that he said in a video where we all saw and heard him say it, but whatever. It’s good news, and far be it for us to dig into positivity hoping to turn up something negative. Bay goes on to assure us that he is listening to the fans and that the digital effects for the Turtles look great.

We’re maintaining a ‘wait and see’ approach to this film at Den Of Geek. These recent comments on the film are certainly more in line with what we’ve been hoping to hear.

You can read the full interview with the Emperor of Excess, Michael Bay himself, here.

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Well, at least thats something. :)

Michael Bay is doing TMNT, with Megan Fox as April. It isn't enough.

Shia Lebouf as Casey jones?

Must be me, but I never got the big fuss over this particular interpretation of TMNT. Surely, compared to the original Eastman and Laird stories everything which came after missed the mark by varying degrees. Michael Bay, Megan Fox and alien turtles surely doesn't half as bad as that godawful animation from the eighties which everyone holds so dearly and actually done a lot to propel the IP to mainstream status. Michael Bay is guilty of many sins, but he isn't the first to crap all over this franchise.

The fact that the turtles are going to be CGI already means it is going to be poor.

They need actors, in suits, animatronics with a MIX of CGI and live action.

Dude... really?

I was all for Bay doing TMNT until that "alien" crapola came about, at which point I cried and flailed like a toddler. I can take the Turtles being CGI. I can take Megan Fox as April. But ALIENS?! No.

At any rate, good on you for retracting that, Michael.

I think I'd kill someone.

The Hulk. End of line

On second thought tbam may have a point. Smashing and karaticizing are two very different things, unless u make the foot clan cgi which would be even worse

It could follow the young college lovers in their mission to save the earth, explosion explosion, with the BOOM help of their "MY LEG!!!" Turtle friends who are NOT from (whistling sound as nuke drops from the moon to Van Nuys, California poppoppoppkkkkkkhhhhFWOOSH!!!) outer space. With Tony Todd as the voice of Mega-, um, Shredder, and Motor Mouth Jones himself as the hilarious, yet tragically throat-cancer ridden Michaelanelo, whose voice box has been replaced by a boom box that only plays Old School Rap. And it's like that, cuz that's the way it is! UH!

Seriously Tony Todd should voice Shredder.

I'm crying bitter tears through my laughter. Yes, what you just wrote was terrible, but it also wouldn't surprise me. Plus with the way Michael Bay is guaranteed to film this, you wouldn't be able to see half the action shots anyway through all the shaking cameras and lens flares.

The technology used today can make a very good and very enjoyable movie with CGI (I submit for your approval, the movie "Ninja Assassin". I'm not so worried about the Turtles being CGI as I was about them being feckin' aliens.

He's not the right one for this. Now Sammo Hung! He would make it what it should be! A martial arts film!

Ok there's precedent for cgi martial arts. Good cgi martial arts. Well it should match or top that, match because they're ninjas, top, well, it's Michael bay. It won't match, much less top 3 Ninjas Kickback

"Emperor of Excess"


Point taken. I often forget how often those original comics were...

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