Samuel L Jackson on Nick Fury

News Simon Brew 18 Dec 2012 - 08:01
Mr. J sorts out his retirement

A possible Nick Fury movie, and a larger role in Captain America 2? Samuel L Jackson has no shortage of Marvel work…

Phase two of Marvel’s collection of comic book movies gets underway starting early next summer, with the release of Iron Man 3. Thor: The Dark World will follow before the year is out, but 2013 will also see production beginning on both Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and more than likely Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Samuel L Jackson has been chatting with SuperHeroHype on the promotional tour for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, and revealed that “I like coming back to Nick Fury”.

When asked about whether there would ever be a solo movie for the character, he said that “Nick Fury’s a great guy. I think a lot of people know that. I know him as something else because I’ve been alive longer than most of the fans that watch the movies, so I know Nick Fury as the World War II veteran and all that stuff. It might be interesting to do one day”, he said.

He did reveal that “we find out little bits and pieces about Nick” in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The role of Fury will be bigger in the new Captain America film, and not the usual cameo.

More news on these projects as we hear it, of course.

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This could tie in with the first 'Captain America' film by relating to the early days of SSR/SHIELD and also explaining how Fury knew Howard Stark (as mentioned in 'Iron Man 2')

I think Marvel has done the right thing by exploring Shield through Captain America. It didn't really work in Iron Man 2 and I think it is because Tony Stark is so complex that focus should remain on Iron Man. In Captain America though, it's different, as Steve Rogers works better when he's got people to bounce off of. He's more interesting as a teacher and someone who learns from those around. I'm glad that Fury is getting a bigger role as his pragmatism versus Steve Roger's idealism could make great story telling.

If they do his full back story, I wonder if they'll cover the loss of his eye and his change of race? :-)

I'm up for a little bit of information on his past, but not too much. "Mystery Man" character's like Fury work best when we don't know much about them.
Afterall, this is a man whose "secrets have secrets", remember?

How he lost the eye might be interesting. There's no need to explain why he's black, though. They went with Ultimate Fury, that's all.

I'm at that point now where I just think to myself, "I just don't care anymore".

We're being bombarded with Marvel upon Marvel films. After The Avengers, anything else will just be a bit, well, pointless and underwhelming.

Toonmoney was clearly joking about the race thing!

That's cool. Hard to tell on the internet sometimes. Things are seldom ever 'clear' online. Lol

Any word if he'll make an appearance on the SHIELD tv show?

I couldn't disagree with you more.

Interesting though one treatment in the comics was to have the white nick fury use a hologram to the change his appearance and TA DAAAA...Ultimate fury was (not born but explained away across the universes)

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