Joe Carnahan starts work on Nemesis movie

News Simon Brew
22 Nov 2012 - 05:44

Mark Millar's Nemesis takes another step closer to the big screen, as Joe Caranahan confirms he's started work on the film...

The thought of Joe Carnahan's lost Daredevil movie will be one of those what-ifs for some time to come. Just before Fox's rights to make another Daredevil movie were about to lapse, Carnahan put together a pitch, a sizzle reel for which was released onto the web. It seemed a lot tighter in tone than the first Daredevil film, but when Marvel refused to allow Fox more time, Carnahan's take was ultimately beaten by the clock.

The rights have now reverted back to Marvel, although there are no obvious plans to do anything with the character on the big screen just yet.

There are plans, however, to bring Mark Millar's Nemesis to the movies, and Joe Carnahan is now attached to the project. "My brother [Matthew Carnahan] and I have begun Nemesis", he Tweeted. "This script is gonna be a beast". He added later that "With Nemesis, Matt & I are gunning for TDK trilogy with the thought that, if you're going after the record holder, what's the point".

We'll wager right now that Nemesis will be one comic book movie that's not PG-13.

As we hear more about the film, we'll let you know. In the meantime, Joe Carnahan's Twitter feed can be found here.

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