Need For Speed 3D bolt-on not so last minute

News Simon Brew
5 Feb 2014 - 06:37

Reports that Need For Speed's post-production 3D conversion is last minute prove untrue...

Arriving in cinemas next month is a film we've been cautiously optimistic over for some time. We're talking about director Scott Waugh's big screen take on Need For Speed, starring Aaron Paul, which lands in UK cinemas on March 12th.

Yesterday, news seemed to suddenly break that the film was getting a last minute 3D bolt-on, the kind of story that took us back to the immediate aftermath of Avatar, when the likes of Clash Of The Titans was delayed for a couple of weeks to have one whacked onto the back of it. Inevitably, there was some dismay at the seeming last minute nature of this decision. As it turned out though, the decision with Need For Speed wasn't as last minute as it looked.

It was missed back in December, but the site Marketsaw actually broke the news then that the film was getting a post-production 3D conversion. So whilst we're rarely enthused about 3D being added on after the fact, one thing you can't level at the Need For Speed team was that this was a very last minute decision.

Marketsaw's story is here, and we'll have more on the Need For Speed movie in the weeks ahead...

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