Nativity 3 pressing ahead

News Simon Brew 14 Jan 2013 - 07:17

After the commercial success of Nativity 2, Nativity 3 is now on the way...

One of the hits of the Christmas season in the UK was the David Tennant-headlined sequel, Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger. Tennant took over starring duties from Martin Freeman, who led the original, and both films have proven to be commercial successes.

So much so that it's now been revealed that a Nativity 3 is in the words. Talking to the Birmingham Mail, director Debbie Isitt said that "as an independent, low-budget filmmaker who uses improvisation with young children, I could not be more thrilled about the chance to make a trilogy".

Isitt revealed that she's been asked by Entertainment One to make a third film in the series, and the Midlands-based director is excited by the opportunity. She's got one or two projects to fit in first, but the plan is to shoot Nativity 3 towards the end of this year, for release at the back end of 2014.

"I don't know what the story will be or who will be in it yet", she said, "but I would hope to get Mr Maddens back to meet Mr Peterson". So: David Tennant and Martin Freeman in the same film, then? We'll keep you posted...

Birmingham Mail.

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commercial success maybe, but given the reviews i'd prefer if Tennant used his talents elsewhere. He doesn't need to be in another one of these and not sure it helps his career if he is!

I don't know a single person that saw this film...and I'm happy about that.


I dont think Tennant has much of a career at the moment. He certainly has not been able to recapture the main stream success of Doctor Who, or even pre Who like Blackpool or Casanova. I define high profile as some TV series thats on all the time, regular or a couple of films a year that are a popular and everyone knows them and talks about them. Picture people like Christian Bale / Tom Cruise / George Clooney etc etc...

Since leaving Who, he has been in Shakespear on stage (Hamlet) A tv film version of Hamlet, popped up in Catherine Tates Xmas special. Then he was in Rex is not my Lawyer (failed pilot never got to series) then Frightnight film (supporting actor not that successful) then a couple of crappy dull kitchen sink BBC dramas, one of the improvised, cant even remember the names of them. An advertising campaign for Virgin that played up on his Doctor Who connection, and then there was voice over work for Pirates band of Misfits last year and also voiceover for Clone Wars Tv series....then Nativity 2. Thats about it, I have probably missed some stuff but I just cant think what

Nativity is a niche film with a time limit for the Christmas market, I have not seen it yet but I am sure he is good in it. Its just not that good a role, from my point of view. I am sure he left Doctor Who , because as an actor he wanted a challenge and to try new things, but looking at the list above its hardly working out that well for him. Coupled with the fact that Mat Smith as the Doctor has broken through in America and he has made it really popular there again, like the days of Tom Baker.
Its a shame because he comes across as a nice person who cares about what he does, and seems to have fun with it and has lots of time for the fans of the things he is in. I just wish he could find something good that works. Heheh imagine if he does Nativity they get Mat Smith in as well that could be funny...or he regenerates into Mat Smith in Nativity 3....I am just getting silly now ....

I know many Tennant Fans feel the same way. I wonder if he will give Hollywood another go since things aren't working out so well for him lately ( in terms of critical success)

Three films is not a trilogy. A trilogy is an evolving story, not just three separate stories. An example of a trilogy would be the original three Stars Wars films, Back to the Future and the Dark Knight.

I doubt he will. Its not as if he set the world on fire when he was there. Neither has Russel Brand or whatever his name is...nor Ricky Gervais etc etc. Hugh Grant keeps doing the same upper class English turn in every film he is in, apart from Cloud Atlas, in which he was just embarrassingly bad. If he could have got into something like the Hobbit then it might have helped. The thing is, he left Doctor Who too early. It was too soon, he should have done another 2 years at least, but I just get the feeling he thought his profile was big enough for him to leave and go on and do bigger and better things. It has not worked out that way at all. He is in an even worse position acting wise than before he was in Doctor Who. Look at back when he was in Quatermass, Blackpool, Cassanova etc etc....he was really good in Blackpool too. I think he got sort of drunk on the Shakespear stuff....I have never got that. I studied it at school and it was tedious and boring then, and it still is, it just appeals to certain people, bookish types and so on. The vast majority of people think its boring and dont like it, no matter what the media and scholars etc would have you think. I dont hate Shakespear, I just think its dull and over rated. But actors seem to get this idea, that if they have not done Shakespear, they are somehow lessor actors or have not "arrived" Now its a case of the less he does, the less he is known and the more he falls out of public view, and the more crap he takes on like Nativity, the less likely he is to get better roles. If he can not make it after the success of Doctor Who, then he is unlikely to do much else by now. Look at Tom Baker for example. At least he made the most of it at the time and was devoted to it and stuck around to make a massive impact. Tennant should have done the same, he was really getting there and then off he went. I only hope Mat Smith is looking at Tennants career post Who and thinks long and hard about going too soon, eg after 3 years. I know Tennant did four, but it was only specials, not a series so he only did three full seasons. Thats Tennants career highpoint, Doctor Who. He was never going to be in something that popular or mainstream again. He needs to try and get some thing big like StarTrek, if they were still making a Tv series, or maybe a part in the new StarWars films, in order to get his profile out there again....maybe he can use his Luca$ voiceover contacts on the CloneWars show to get his foot in the door....I still think he would have been great in the Hobbit....he could have been one of the Dwarves, Filli or Killi or Oin / Gloin etc with no problem. After all if old Sylv Mccoy can do it....Anyhoo ramble over...I just want him to be in something good again, because he is a good actor and I miss seeing him in things....

Agreed. He should have stayed as the Dr, just for the states exposure.

Well he has Broadchurch now

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