National Lampoon's Vacation reboot/remake stalls

News Simon Brew 24 Apr 2013 - 07:19
National Lampoon's Vacation

The brakes are applied to the new National Lampoon's Vacation movie, with "creative differences" the problem...

Hollywood's ongoing remakeathon has been showing no shortage of confidence in recent times, and just last week, we reported that work was pressing ahead on a new take on John Hughes' Weird Science. Not long before that, it was the Point Break remake we were talking about. And not too long before that, it was a new attempt to tackle National Lampoon's Vacation.

However, in spite of apparently attracting Chevy Chase back to reprise the role of Griswold Senior, Warner Bros has put the brakes on the project. It doesn't appear that it's been canned, but The Hollywood Reporter is citing "creative differences" as the reason why the pause button has been pressed.

We don't know who the differences are between, but it does seem that the point of disagreement is over whether to go for an R-rated comedy, or a broader PG-13 cut.

The film was set to go before the cameras in July, with John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein set to direct, having penned the screenplay. Ed Helms remains aboard the project, as is Christina Applegate.

How long will the delay be? According to the report, "only a few months" or "later this year". It doesn't sound like the project is going to get shut down, rather that it's going to be retooled a little. More on it as we hear it.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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You know what? Some films are good almost by mistake. As a product of their time, a product of the specific group of people who worked on them, a product of the culture at that moment that they represent. Point Break, Weird Science and National Lampoon's Vacation are most certainly three of these films.

BUT. So was Evil Dead, and as it turns out the remake to that is a solid film... There's hope for these remakes yet, but I'm not holding on to it too tightly.

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