Naked Gun reboot coming, Ed Helms to star

News Simon Brew
13 Dec 2013 - 13:13
Naked Gun 4? No thanks.

Ed Helms is apparently to take on the role of Lt Frank Drebin in a Naked Gun reboot....

The latest installment in the game of 'reboots you never saw coming' is apparently a plan to bring The Naked Gun series back to the big screen. Previously headlined by the late, great Leslie Nielsen, Paramount is eyeing Ed Helms to now take on the role of Lt Frank Drebin.

We like Ed Helms. We do not like this idea at all.

The studio has hired the team behind Night At The Museum and Reno 911, Thomas Lennon and R Ben Garant, to pen a screenplay for the new movie. They've also been working on penning a Baywatch movie for the studio.

We try and stay non-judgemental on remakes and reboots. But we cried a bit here.

More news as we get it...


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