Come and see Muppets Most Wanted with us early and for free!

News Den Of Geek 12 Mar 2014 - 06:22

We're having a big Muppets Most Wanted preview screening in London in a week or two - here's how you can get seats...

The first ever Den Of Geek reader preview screening we did was for The Muppets. As those who were there can testify, there's nothing quite seeing a Muppets film sat alongside a couple of hundred Muppets geeks, who pick up pretty much every joke and every reference.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to do it all again.

Muppets Most Wanted arrives in UK cinemas on Friday March 28th. However, on the morning of Saturday March 22nd, we're doing a special preview screening in London, just for Den Of Geek readers. It's the kind of screening where you can don your special Muppets T-shirt/socks/hat/underwear (undergarments will not be checked). Who knows, we might even have a sing-song before the film starts. It's going to be a Muppets party, and so let's talk about how you can get a seat.

As always though: please do not treat this as a competition. We want to give seats to people who genuinely want to see the film. Therefore, if you've requested seats to one of our previous screenings and not turned up, without letting us know, please don't request seats for this one.

If you want a seat, what we're going to ask in return is that you shout about the film afterwards, assuming that you like it. We'll give you full details before the screening starts.

Our screening will take place at 10.30 for 11am on Saturday 22nd March, not too far from Leicester Square tube station. To get a seat, we need you to:

Tweet @denofgeek with these hashtags #BadFrog #MuppetsMostWanted #MGeek, requesting a ticket. Please make sure you're following us so we can DM you if you're successful!

If you are after more than one seat, let us know in the Tweet. Priority will be given to individual Tweeters, so let us know the Twitter handles of who you want to come with. If your intended guest isn't on Twitter, you can still request them a seat, though.

We will start allocating seats this coming Friday. And we hope to see you at the screening....

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Quite annoyed this is only open to twitter users. Not everyone is obsessed with talking about their dinner in 140 characters or less.

But these screenings are for movie marketing purposes, not just our enjoyment (it's not a competition prize for example). They need us to spread the word and the best way of tracking how effective that is, is via things like Twitter. I've no problem with it if it means we are privileged enough to see the movie early!

London. *sigh*

Again :(

understand the twitter and london thing, but respectfully f*** twitter and f*** london.

If you fancy running an actual competition for somewhere outside the capital im all in

I realise that, but Twitter reaches a very small minority of the population and word of mouth, using an actual mouth, is still a pretty effective form of promotion. I guess I'm in the difficult position of really loving the Muppets and really hating Twitter.

You're not alone and personally I'd much rather wait two weeks and pay for the film than indulge this nauseating corporate marketing dreck.

I've never understood this argument against Twitter. I personally don't follow anyone who tweets about their dinner and I use Twitter all the time.

Basically, Twitter is just a communication tool. Saying you dislike it is just saying you dislike communication and dislike hearing thoughts and opinions of people. Including comments like yours (which stands at 133 characters, by the way).

Well, I have someone I would want to ask to come along, but "Priority will be given to individual tweeters"... what does that mean? I imagine the demand for this will be pretty high so is it even worth it to ask for someone else to come along? Can I be considered an individual tweeter, but if possible request a second ticket?

Yes, that's fine!

As somone who lives in Birmingham, I do get this. But every time we've tried to gauge interest as to events outside of London, we get 10 responses at most. I'm genuinely trying! - Simon

So a screening that costs one Tweet to get into, of a film not out for nearly a week, where you're not forced to Tweet afterwards (ask anyone who's ever been to any of our screenings!), is 'nauseating corporate marketing dreck'. It's at times like this I feel like we just can't win. - Simon

If you can't win in a situation like this, Simon, then you can definitely never win. Frankly, Timbo calling this a "nauseating corporate marketing dreck" is plain stupid.

It's in London because London is the capital city. Would be nice to have events in other places, but being realistic, London will have to always be the first place. The tweets sent out are sent to Den of Geek, which means that NONE of your followers even see the tweet. It doesn't even seem like they care if you have no followers. Just sign up and enter. It's a free preview screening. The Den of Geek screenings I've been to in the past have been worth more than a regular cinema ticket and so when I see that the MAJORITY of the comments on the article are negative, I am simply baffled by the rudeness and idiocy.

Also, Pinbeck, who said that word-of-mouth is still off the table? Talk about the screening afterwards. I doubt that's banned. Pinbeck says he's in a difficult position when he really isn't. Sign up for Twitter (use a different e-mail if you want), tweet Den of Geek and potentially get a free ticket to a great movie. Then unsubscribe from twitter, all done.

Please continue what you're doing, Den of Geek.

I was not intending to a go at Den of Geek, which I love and attended their previous Muppet screening due to facebook, which isn't really that different, I realise. I was more expressing my dislike of twitter and the media obsession with something so inconsequential.

Obviously I could open a twitter account just for this, but I don't want to and surely that idea makes a mockery of the point of the promotion?

Also I was just being deliberately trite with the remark about dinner tweet, I'm sure there are some very witty and interesting tweets among the badly typed tedium.

It doesn't necessarily make a mockery of the promotion. There are two parts to the promotion: before and after the screening. After the screening, you can talk about the film in any way you wish: Twitter, Facebook, real mouths. Twitter is not needed for anything other than applying for tickets.

Before the screening, the tweets are sent to Den of Geek and not to your followers, similar to commenting on their Facebook page instead of posting a status about them. The purpose of this seems to be the hashtags that you have to include. Just by tweeting with the hashtags, you are promoting the movie in a small way by promoting the hashtags. I don't really check the hashtag side of Twitter, but that seems to be a decent way of promoting stuff. They could just make it an e-mail competition, but since there's a way to get what should be the same number of people applying whilst, as a bonus, managing to promote the movie via hashtags, there's no reason not to.

Pinback, I didn't take it that you were having a go at all! - Simon

Simon I would absolutely LOVE it if you did an event in Birmingham! Is there
anyway that you can put the feelers out first to see who would be interested in
coming, so that you would be able to get a feel for numbers. Keep up the great
work here at Den of Geek!!!

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