Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie opens to £4.3m in UK

News Simon Brew
30 Jun 2014 - 15:05

For the second time today, critics be damned! Mrs Brown's Boys is now a major UK box office hit.

It seems apt on a day when we write a post about how Michael Bay's latest Transformers film has proven itself critic-proof at the US box office, that we also highlight a film that's pulled the same trick in the UK.

With no press screenings ahead of release, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie opened in UK cinemas on Friday, and promptly proved that you don't need to have transforming robots to defy critical opinion (critical opinion that was hardly split, we should note). The film opened to a staggering £4.3m opening weekend, knocking The Fault In Our Stars off the top spot.

To put its opening into some context, that's nearly double the £2.2m opening of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa last year, and more than half what Edge Of Tomorrow has taken in total in the UK, five weeks into its run (Edge Of Tomorrow stands at £7.2m and counting).

A sequel to Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie was all but confirmed prior to the film's release, but expect those plans to be fast tracked now. Outside of The Inbetweeners, this is now the biggest British comedy series at the box office right now...

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