Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie opens to £4.3m in UK

News Simon Brew 30 Jun 2014 - 15:05

For the second time today, critics be damned! Mrs Brown's Boys is now a major UK box office hit.

It seems apt on a day when we write a post about how Michael Bay's latest Transformers film has proven itself critic-proof at the US box office, that we also highlight a film that's pulled the same trick in the UK.

With no press screenings ahead of release, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie opened in UK cinemas on Friday, and promptly proved that you don't need to have transforming robots to defy critical opinion (critical opinion that was hardly split, we should note). The film opened to a staggering £4.3m opening weekend, knocking The Fault In Our Stars off the top spot.

To put its opening into some context, that's nearly double the £2.2m opening of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa last year, and more than half what Edge Of Tomorrow has taken in total in the UK, five weeks into its run (Edge Of Tomorrow stands at £7.2m and counting).

A sequel to Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie was all but confirmed prior to the film's release, but expect those plans to be fast tracked now. Outside of The Inbetweeners, this is now the biggest British comedy series at the box office right now...

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Unbelievable! I feel the need to go and see the Edge of tomorrow again now to boost the takings.

Feck off

In fairness, the people who wanted to watch this rubbish would've had to take their carers with them, so that'll bump up the box office take.

I've tried to watch the series a few times as my mate told be it was as funny as Father Ted but ruder. Anyway, I've never been able to figure out why people love it so much. The jokes are predictable and the way the show show is produced, for example having it performed in front of live audience just so dated in comparison to shows like Parks and Recreational or My Name Is Earl. I guess comedy is subjective.

agreed. I watched some re-runs of father ted on some channel and it was eight million times funnier than this. NO idea what's so great about this.

Damn you, 'normal' people!!

It beggars belief doesn't it.

All I keep thinking is, how stupid are all these other people we share oxygen with?

I actually AM seeing EoT again, but this time in 3-D with D-Box seats. Fun times ahead...


I had literally never heard of this until a couple of weeks ago (and I live in the UK!), when all the buses began to be covered in posters. I watched one episode, and now I can't understand why anyone would watch this unfunny, turgid veal. It's worse than the Inbetweeners. I reckon I'll be headed to the cinema to watch Transformers this weekend, simply to knock this off the top spot.

You know when I was a kid watching sci fi really wasn't cool and I was bullied constantly for my love of Doctor Who when I was in primary school in the early 90s. There's little worse than being mocked for watching something you enjoy by people who feel they're superior. I'd imagine that's something a lot of people in my generation can relate to and I'm incredibly sad to see some of the rather nasty comments on this article. Why do you have to be stupid to enjoy Mrs Brown's Boys? It's not massively to my tastes but I don't think that makes me smarter than anyone that does enjoy it. Different strokes for different folks. We should live in a world where you're allowed to enjoy what you want without being judged by others. It would be a very boring world if we all enjoyed the same things.

I almost wrote a comment similar to this. I don't like the show either, but all these pompous, vicious comments are just uncalled for.
I have a few friends who do like the show and they are not stupid or inferior... they are however, apparently, nicer and less judgmental than the average commenter on this article.

I don't think critical reviews will matter to the core audience this is reaching for. Mrs Brown's boys seems to be a highly generational thing. You find the average audience for it is mid 40s at its youngest (by this I am not saying no one younger is watching it but on average the audience skews much older). As such a lot of the core audience will not engage with the mainstream critical media. I also don't believe this to be a bad thing. Just because I don't like it or communities such as this excellent gathering of people here don't generally speaking engage with it doesn't mean we should belittle those who do.

There's no belittling at all in the article above. Like or loathe it, £4.3m is an awful lot of money for one weekend. - Simon

Sorry to clarify I don't believe this article is belittling it. Some of the other comments are and the general critic backlash so far has. This article though does not.

Am from the USA, and shows like this don't exist. Our sitcoms are cookie-cutter and boring, with the same 'type' of situations we have seen hundreds of times on previous sitcoms. I stumbled across this show that was recommended by a friend from the UK who told me in advance that it may be a bit crude, and be taken aback by the language. Well, in my opinion, this is what the USA needs. In comparison, our sitcoms are geared to prudes who lack the sense of humor that the UK embraces. Being half British myself, and proud of it, I now have seen virtually everything 'Mrs. Brown' on Youtube, as the series is only available on DVD as region 2. Am hoping the film is shown in the USA, as there are alot of fans here who do appreciate the humor, and in my opinion, the freshness of how the episodes work.

Goes to show we are a nation of morons when this tripe earns more at the box office than the Alan Partridge movie. God help us all.

Really? A special needs/disabled joke? Nice, real nice. Good, high brow comedy right there.
With 9 up-votes and counting, oh boy! That'll show the Mrs Brown fans who's superior.

As an Irishman, I'm glad to see Brendan O'Carroll doing well, even if I think Mrs Brown is an awful series.

As someone who grew up in the 90s and was mocked for liking dr who i hear what your saying and i applaud what you said and how you said it. Would of been so easy to just call names back. But you stood your ground.

I for one like mrs browns boys the tv show, not sure what i will make of the film. But i like to think i can except all tv, people , books, music for what it is. This thing of trolls saying crap never happens before the rise of the net. So i cant for the life understand why they feel the need to post in a harmless, free for all discussion about in this case a movie. I came here for people's views and reviews not peoples....crap. I have enough thank you every much as a person with some learn problems i find that first comment rather rude and offensive and narrow minded.

I say go see the movie, rent it. Etc etc. We like what we like because we are individuals and not muppets with strings

I'm sorry if you or anyone else were offended by that joke - it was close to the knuckle, so it's bound not to be to everyone's taste.

Oddly, at least one person has liked both of our comments!

It does seem odd - a while ago at a family meal my dad (in his 60s) mentioned Mrs Brown's Boys - cue howls of derision about how awful it was from all those younger than me (I'm the oldest of the 'younger' generation at 37) & agreement of how funny this was from those older than me (all about 58)

If that's the case with the popularity - that's fine, there's a big audience out there that the majority of new releases aren't catering to at the moment, not many 40+ yr olds really care about the latest Marvel adventure.

Is it the highest-grossing non-press screened movie?

It seems a little odd to me that the studios are continually chasing the teenage male audience with endless risky sci fi and superhero franchises, when breakout hits like Mrs Brown's Boys, The Fault in Our Stars and Mama Mia! proves that there's a massive audience out there that isn't normally catered to.

A P : You can keep Jesus Christ. That was Neil Diamond... truly the 'King of the Jews'.

Its an irish comedy series thank you very much

The Fault In Our Stars is Young Adult. It's a whole sub genre that's not only being massively catered for but actually in danger of being over saturated. Good grief that's a terrible example to try and make your point with. The lead actress was even in another Young Adult series just a few months ago.
Mamma Mia! was hugely popular with 'women of a certain age' and if you think that's an untapped niche then we wouldn't have Walking On Sunshine, the trailer of which is offensive to just about all of the senses to everyone else. There are lots of films 'safe for mum'.
Risky sci fi? That's a turn around. Comments sections the world over all full of gripes about the lack of originality in the face of reboots/remakes/requels/sidequels/equals. All you're doing, along with the audience for Mrs Brown's Boys (a role once played by Anjelica Huston don't you know)is confirming that people like (and will go and see) what they remember. Like old people and 70s sitcoms. The average age for Jersey Boys is 50 plus. Older for Mrs Henderson Presents. Don't think for a second someone in marketing hasn't thought about a target audience for all these films.
Remember when Principal Skinner tries to pitch a film to Apu that sounds suspiciously like Jurassic Park and gets berated for his lack of awareness? Yup, that. You're making us cranky Tom. Cranky and tired.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can't have it both ways. You can't defend Transformers earlier and then slag off people that like this. Don't get me wrong I hate both but they are both hugely successful so have obviously found a market. They're both examples of lowbrow entertainment. And like it or not there will always be a demand for that type of thing. And that's fine (I LOVE Arnie films). Robots exploding or an Irish bloke dressed as a granny saying feck; the masses seem to lap it up.

You realise if there is a hell, you're going to it for that one right? And since it made me snort, so am I. Sigh...

I'm not quite sure what you're waffling on about, but to my mind most recent YA films (Twilight, Divergent, Hunger Games) have been expensive fantasy/sci fi-lite films, so Fault is somewhat of an exception.

@Jim I used to be a support worker/ Carer, then I had a mental breakdown and now my wife is my Carer. I wasn't offended I found it quite amusing. Ironically you must have a whole group of adults with learning difficulties laughing right now as they sat next to your Mum and she actually laughed so much her colostomy bag popped.

Well I'm taking my mom and pop, and I love Mrs Brown, so I hope we're not disappointed. But, let's face it, the reviewers LOVE to hate.

It's these posters' rights (apparently) be condescending, cruel, and downright mean. If you can't look down on someone at least once a minute you're not doing the Internet right...

The astonishing snap judgements of people on here is just baffling. I'm sure you've seen both movies so you are in a perfect place to comment. Oh, hang on, you haven't seen BOTH movies and you're not aware that Mrs Brown's Boys is an absolutely huge property thats beloved the UK and Ireland over? Nope. Didn't think so! Well done for trying though.

In the words of Mark Twain, go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company.

Quite right. It's incredibly difficult to argue with popularity but, if you're going to do it, you have to be consistent. You can't pick and choose what's objectively defensible.

I hate both unfunny Irish blokes and Robot smash-fests, btw.

I don't mind if this does well. I don't like it but it doesn't seem to be mean spirited. Unlike a certain Mr Bay.

I personally think the show is rubbish - but I admire Brendan O'Carroll for his tenacity and loyalty. By almost every yardstick Mrs Brown shouldn't work, it's old fashioned, it's amateurish in production and an awful lot of the acting's pretty poor - but it's huge popularity and O'Carroll's loyalty to his cast and to the Glasgow Pavilion are admirable - I think it's more popular than Partridge because it's more populace in execution but I don't think any success for a British film should be sniffed at.

When do you cross the boarder from idiot to special needs? When is it fine to make and laugh at jokes involving people who are for want of a better word dumb?

I kind of wonder about this a bunch because the idiot is a key figure in comedy. Yet what is Ernest, or The Jerk or Sponge-bob's simple friend a thousand other things of the like.

Are they fine to laugh at because it's not made explicit?

I heartily enjoyed it.

I like the album that is your username.

Is it windy up there on your high horse?

Pass d'rope.

I'm always shocked at how little the UK spends on film compared to the US. I mean - the US has 5 times the population, but cinema takings are waaaaaaay more.

Not just reviewers! ;)

Very funny joke. My disabled hamster thought it was hilarious. To hell with the self-righteous, hand-wringing wets on here. Never apologize, never explain.

Not a fan of the series, but it makes my heart sing with joy that it pi##es off some of the self-righteous, politically correct individuals on this site.

Quick throw out the politically correct card!
Put up an article about Bottom and watch the positivity roll in, people dont dislike this because its not "politically correct" (Its actually pretty safe comedy with swearing so I dont see that point anyway) people dislike it because its just not very funny

My parent's who are both in their 70s think this is most hilarious programme that they have ever seen, ever.
I don't get it AT all, maybe you have to be a certain age, but I i'm glad it's doing so well.

That's nice dear.

A well thought out counter argument . Cue reply of "I don't debate with PC warriors"

"I don't debate with AFC chode neckbeards"

I don't like Dutch football either but I don't see the relevance

Look, if people want to go and watch Mrs Browns Boys at the cinema good for them! They should do what they enjoy and not care about the obvious losers that are giving them a hard time on this forum. They are probably so bitter because they have only have poor online social skills, and the last time they got laid was so long ago they have forgotten. Or probably not at all. Live and let live and get a life, maybe go outside and get some fresh air. If everyone liked the same stuff, the world would be a very boring place.

AFC = Average Frustrated Chump. One who lacks assertive social skills, particularly with the opposite sex due to supplicating and needy behaviour. Don't shoot the messenger, there's a good chap.

Yeah I know, just thought I would inject some fun with the fella

Fight, fight, fight fight!

One of the best Alan lines, ever.

Totally hear what you are saying, but it is utter shite.

As you say,the American population is a hell of a lot of bigger than uk,plus I can imagine the cinema being more expensive in America n all

You're going to see Transformers so it'll beat Mrs Brown's Boys despite having only seen one episode of it? So you'd rather put money in the pocket of people who churn out lazy films just to make it beat a film made by a man who is incredibly passionate about a project he has invested so much of his time and effort in? Way to go that'll show people!

Yup, I am seeing Transformers just to beat Mrs Brown's Boys. Why? Because MBB's writing is horrendous, the comedy comes from lazy slapstick, winking at the camera and knowing it's a guy in drag. Compare that to a brilliant comedian like Eddie Izzard, who is funny because of his wit and subject matters, rather than the fact he wears lipstick and nail polish. So yes, I'd rather see Transformers, because although their quality is always questionable at best and it's a series designed to sell toys, the films are anything but lazy.

Thousands of talented people put hundreds of thousands of work hours in. You have special effect and explosives guys, stuntmen, lighting technicians, camera operators, and most of all: the visual effect companies. It takes a huge effort to design and render a photorealistic object made of thousands of interlocking pieces, that all have to move realistically and react to lighting, and also turn into an entirely different object. Oh, and all of this is animated *by hand*. That and you have CG environments, particle effects and destruction simulation as well as numerous other CG fixes that you never even notice.

If you want to see Transformers see it. I don't care. It's not going to make any difference to the success of Mrs Brown's Boys and even if it did I still wouldn't care. What I don't understand is this bizarre hatred you've developed of something you apparently didn't even know existed a few weeks ago. A hatred so strong you've decided to actively work against it. But it's a free county and good luck in your crusade to show all those Mrs Brown's Boys fans what idiots they are. I hope it brings you whatever it is you're looking for from it. TTFN.

I was just going to scroll past the joke indifferently, until I saw the self righteous reprimand and felt compelled to scroll back up and upvote it on principal. I'm going to go and punch some quadriplegics now - toodle-pip ;) xx

Mike: this made me laugh SOOO MUCH! Funniest thing I've read today :D

@Jim so you are saying the people who watch this are stuck in a Les Dawson cross dressing era of comedy? In the first Mrs Brown's Boy film Mrs B was played by Angelica Huston. I remember in the 80s the new alternative comedians such as Ben Elton were saying comedians such as Ronnie Corbett were old outdated luvvies and now those alternative comedians are the same.

Not really. Carers and the person they care for can get 2for1 cinema tickets at 500+ cinemas nationwide with the CEA card so whilst the carer utilises the cinema seat it's free so DECREASES the box office as a paying person is unavailable to sit in the seat the carer is in for free.

The masses love some absolute tosh don't they

What you don't know could fill a warehouse. Chick flicks, weepies. Tons of them. These audiences are frequently well catered for, Fault is no exception. Do you even go to the cinema? Are you suggesting we should have more old tat like Mamma Mia! over a 'risky sci fi/superhero' movie? Because I would rather have twenty Dredds and Serenitys over a single Walking On Sunshine.

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