Mrs Brown's Boys: The Movie confirmed

News Simon Brew
29 May 2012 - 05:10

Brendan O'Carroll confirms that Mrs Brown's Boys: The Film is set to happen. But it's a while off yet...

Fresh from its BAFTA win over the weekend, it seems the next chapter of the Mrs Brown's Boys adventure is going to see the show head to the big screen.

With a third series on the way, and a hit live tour, Mrs Brown's Boys topped its recent successes with the BAFTA for Best Situation Comedy. But for star and writer Brendan O'Carroll, there's more to come.

Over at The Sun (via Chortle), O'Carroll has revealed that the funding for the film is in place, he's just got the small matter of putting it together. "I haven't written it yet", he said. "That's what success does, they give you money and say 'Whatever you think'. So I've taken the money!"

It sounds like it's going to very much keep the flavour of the TV show in tact, although O'Carroll did joke that "If Eddie Murphy wants to be in it, who's going to stop him? He can play my sister!".

If Murphy wouldn't want such a role, we'd reckon Adam Sandler and Martin Lawrence's agents' fingers are twitching over their phone was we write.

There's no timescale on the movie yet, but we'll keep you posted...

The Sun.

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