Mrs Brown's Boys: The Movie confirmed

News Simon Brew 29 May 2012 - 05:10

Brendan O'Carroll confirms that Mrs Brown's Boys: The Film is set to happen. But it's a while off yet...

Fresh from its BAFTA win over the weekend, it seems the next chapter of the Mrs Brown's Boys adventure is going to see the show head to the big screen.

With a third series on the way, and a hit live tour, Mrs Brown's Boys topped its recent successes with the BAFTA for Best Situation Comedy. But for star and writer Brendan O'Carroll, there's more to come.

Over at The Sun (via Chortle), O'Carroll has revealed that the funding for the film is in place, he's just got the small matter of putting it together. "I haven't written it yet", he said. "That's what success does, they give you money and say 'Whatever you think'. So I've taken the money!"

It sounds like it's going to very much keep the flavour of the TV show in tact, although O'Carroll did joke that "If Eddie Murphy wants to be in it, who's going to stop him? He can play my sister!".

If Murphy wouldn't want such a role, we'd reckon Adam Sandler and Martin Lawrence's agents' fingers are twitching over their phone was we write.

There's no timescale on the movie yet, but we'll keep you posted...

The Sun.

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Theres already 8 mini movies and a hollywood movie but he didn't star in that one so can't wait to see what he does with the movie, sort of have a vague idea of how the next season pans out so a movie would be good.

I'm not sure if this could work on the big screen. A big part of what makes the series successful is the rapport between the cast and the live studio audience. But with that missing, it will become a different beast altogether. But I wish O'Carroll the very best with this project and will most likely take my mum and wife to see it upon release

I've avoided this until now.  Without having seen an episode just the thought of that guy in that wig just makes me think of Les Dawson and 70s pub comedy humour.

Is the show better than that?

I need to prepare myself because if they do make a movie then I'll no doubt be there to cast a glazed eye over it!

Please, god, don't let Adam Sandler anywhere near it! It sounds like a risky enough idea as it is, but anything that man touches turns to shite!

Oh, God.  I truly hope Eddie and Adam aren't in it.  Let's just stick with the characters originally in it, people.  For once, I'd love to see someone tell the guy in charge of casting to STFU if the only important thing is the 'projected box office draw' of an actor.  It NEVER works.  Just respect the original recipe that made it so beloved that it reached your desk in the first place!  Please.  So tired of seeing this mistake made.

No. It's exactly like that. I'm all for lowbrow at a certain extent but I couldn't even fake a laugh to Mrs Brown and "her" boys. It's good that Brendan O' Carroll is keeping his family in a job though. That being said I'm glad to see Irish people winning BAFTAs. 

Who asked for this?

It's pretty harmless stuff. My mother LOVES it, and although a lot of the jokes are obvious and there's often some pretty cringeworthy slapstick, there have still been some laugh out loud moments (usually lines that my grandmother would have used). It's no Father Ted, though...

 I should also add that I thought the mini movies were TERRIBLE. I'm shocked they were successful enough to precipitate a TV series. But the series is a vast improvement.

My thoughts exactly - the bits where the cast accidentally flub a line, O'Carroll takes the piss out of them and then interacts with the audience, those are a major part of the show's charm. As much as I love the show, I don't see how it would work as a film. Of course, I'll still watch it and hope for the best.

Have to admit that I've never actually seen Mrs Brown but going off the comments it sounds like something I should be looking up - before they ruin it! lol

Really cannot see why this is so well liked... The BBC were probably astounded when it achieved 8 million viewers, especially when it went out as one half of a comedy hour following (the usually bankable) David Jason in a below par Buckingham Palace Guard comedy that sank without a trace! In essence it's Old Mother Riley for the Internet generation and that was execrable in its day (1930s). That it was still being shown on ITV as late as the early seventies says much about the poor ideas of TV controllers! Commissioning execs are even worse. The noted dramatist Lynda La Plante told a recent BBC Radio documentary about TV, how she was interviewed by a young exec promoted above his ability who suggested she might develop her new drama to be more like a film he'd heard about called Citizen Kane and he patronised her asking of she had heard of "someone called Orson Welles?"She walked out.

cant wait to see the good old mrs browns boys bk in action love all there work and shows its the new tv folks dont miss it and if you have not seen it b4 then get on you tube and watch it

watched this for the first time after the BAFTA award. A briliantlym funny sitcom - one of the best yet

People , come on a good belly laugh with some much horror going on in the world and every day life laugh then you know you are alive and you can soldier on with the hard stuff Mrs Brown;s Boys is enjoyed across the world and laughing enough to produce a tear well just priceless we in Australia love it wholeheartly

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