First trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent

Trailer Simon Brew 16 May 2014 - 07:59

The sequel to Gareth Edwards' Monsters arrives in September. Here's the trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent...

The terrific low budget sci-fi hit Monsters had a couple of significant ramifications. Firstly, it landed director Gareth Edwards the job of directing Godzilla for Warner Bros. Secondly, it did enough business to persuade Vertigo to press ahead with another Monsters film.

Monsters: Dark Continent is that film, a movie that marks the directorial debut of Tom Green, best known for his work directing episodes from the first two series of Misfits. The film arrives in UK cinemas this coming September, and we've got the first trailer for it right here. Take a look and see what you reckon...

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Hurt Locker vs Tremors. Yeah, I think they've got my money.

They had me at 'giant sand bugs'.

normally sequels like this look like they are just money makers... but with Tom Green on board and this awesome trailer I'm there, this looks awesome!

So hope they do a good job with this. The first film showed that monster movies can still work, in the right hands.

They had me at 'Gareth Edwards'!

Looks good, the trailer didnt give a lot away either :)

Doesn't really share the same tone as the original, does it?

Colour me "intrigued". Looks like it could be Hurt Locker meets Dog Soldiers meets Tremors. All good films in their own right.

Could be another 28 Weeks Later, which is no bad thing.

Aliens didn't really share the same tone as the original, but it was f**king awesome :-)

This seems to have gone in the same sort of route, marines!

The aliens in Monsters were docile though. Like whales.

Fair point.

But I like it when film makers try something a bit different from the original. No point making a sequel exactly like the last, when that happens you get something like Transformers 2.

Meh, not sure. I'll need more to convince me not to wait for Netflix.

Surprisingly interested in seeing this now!

I am intriuged but what made the first so good was human drama with the bugs as a side show - is this showing too much ?? we shall see

I seem to be in the minority who thought Monsters was very overhyped and dull, but this trailer certainly has me intrigued.

I could not disagree more. I loathed 28 Weeks Later. The first is up there as one of my favorite horror films but outside of the first 5-10min the sequel was a horrid mess.

Each to their own.

Looks like there's plenty of drama too, and because it's low budget they need the drama to pad out the film as the effects will have to be saved to be used sparingly.

I don't get the complaint that this will be too monstery and not humany like the first one. A couple seconds at the end, that's it. The bulk of it was setting up Soulja Boy, who's bout to superman dem radio edits. So the alien/aliens comparison seems to fit nicely to me. I'll watch it.

Looks good... aliens look convincing, looks pretty grounded with a real-world feel, not too many zoomy virtual cameras zooming us up the aliens' backsides and out their mouths and all that nonsense. I agree that it has a bit of a "Tremors" feel, which is awesome.

Agreed - Impossible to follow the first in style or substance.. so don't try. Do a whole new film.

Looks like everything Monsters was not. Meaning action packed, unsubtle and loud. I know a lot of people find that appealing but I don't. I'm very sceptical towards this movie. Monsters is in my top10 best movies I've seen but this really seems to lack the depth and complexity of the original. Hope I'm wrong though.

Could be a good film, but did they actually see the first one? It was a beautiful travel movie which was more about atmosphere and wonder than action or terror.

It's like doing a cheap and cheerful and not particularly clever sci-fi action movie and calling it a sequel to 2001... oh wait, they did that too... Ahh well should hardly be surprised by this.

Totally agree. Could have been an amazing franchise. But 28 weeks WAS a total mess!

0:19 in the video - Arabey (?) - that's racist.

He said Arabic. They only speak Arabic.

I'm with you regarding the first film - which to me was two annoying people going from one place to another whilst small-talking to each other.

Edwards isn't directing.

They still had me. (They paid)

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