Brand new trailer for Monsters University

Trailer Simon Brew 25 Apr 2013 - 17:00

Pixar's Monsters Inc gets a prequel, with Monsters University. And here's the brand new trailer...

The animated movie to beat this summer? Monsters University could well be. Set before the events of Monsters Inc, the film reunites Sully and Mike, telling the story of how they came to meet for the first time.

The first preview trailer, released a few months ago, was a real hoot. And now? There's a big, long new trailer to feast your eyes on. Dan Scanlon is directing, John Goodman and Billy Crystal are back on voicing duties, and the film is due for release in July. Take a look at this and see what you reckon...

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I feel like I don't need to go and see the movie now!!

Dreamworks presents Monster University.....Pixars downwards spiral seems like its going to continue following Cars 2 and Brave.
Wall*E, Toy Story 3 and Up are three of the best films ever made, animated or otherwise, and the company seems to have,sadly,peaked.

I'm pretty gutted that I didn't crack a smile until the snail at the end.

This is what happens when you try to bang out too many movies. They lose that thing that made them special and they eventually run out of ideas and good jokes.

Shame really. Hope it proves me wrong.

Saw an advanced screening in Austin last night and it was amazing! Definitely worth the wait and a lot of fun, the trailers don't even do a lot of it justice but it's definitely the return to form for PIxar

So glad to hear that! I'm a huge Pixar fan and have seen Monsters Inc 20+ times since its release- I got very worried as the previous trailer and this trailer didn't even raise a smile.

Although I don't feel Pixar's best days are behind them (c'mon an average film and a mediocre film out of more than a dozen) I can't muster much enthusiasm for this one. Maybe it's the prequel aspect of it which secures what we know will happen, or maybe it's the "university" aspect...I never much was a fan of such things.

I saw a preview too and I can also vouch that it's great and none of the trailers have so far captured how great it is. Good story, good moral and very funny unless they change it massively :)

Andrew W.K.!!!!!
Awesome, just awesome.... Film don't look too shabby either..

You only laughed at the slug?
That was the only predictable thing I didn't chuckle at..

Did the first part of this make anyone else think of "Why do I go Greendale? Just because!"

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