Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson join Mission: Impossible 5

News Simon Brew 10 Jul 2014 - 06:34
Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise has two new recruits for Christopher McQuarrie's Mission: Impossible 5...

Production on Mission: Impossible 5 is set to begin later this year, with Tom Cruise reprising the role of Ethan Hunt, and Christopher McQuarrie directing this time. McQuarrie last directed Cruise in Jack Reacher.

The film is set to shoot mainly in the UK this time, with Simon Pegg also returning. And we now learn that there have been two big new additions to the cast.

Firstly, Alec Baldwin is joining the project, to play the head of the CIA (it'll apparently be a role not dissimilar to that of Laurence Fishburne's in Mission: Impossible III). Then Rebecca Ferguson, next to be seen in Brett Ratner's Hercules, is to take on the female lead role in the new film. Said role is described as "a deadly femme fatale", and it's the part originally linked with Jessica Chastain. Ferguson previously appeared in the TV take on The White Queen. Here she is from that production...

We'd post a picture of Alec Baldwin too, but we figure you all know what he looks like by now.

Mission: Impossible 5 is set to arrive in cinemas in December 2015.

The Wrap.

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Oh, so not the former X-Factor contestant...

Exactly my first thought!

I really liked Laurence Fishburne in MI:3. I would have liked to have seen him back.

Alec Baldwin is a good choice though, hopefully he'll have lots of screen time.

Come on DOG, We all know Alec Baldwin works for F.A.G.!

This is my only real problem with these films, The only IMF main stay is Hunt, he has had a different boss in every film. The staff turn around at that place is nuts, the HR department need a spin off.....Box office gold!

Haha. There must not be much room from promotion at IMF eh!

Ving Rhames should make a comeback as well. And not just at the end for a drink!

Well Simon Pegg is back, so he's managed to play the IMF HR machine pretty well. Although he was office based first time around, so the Death in Service risk is probably a great deal lower.

Could you have stumbled on the subtitle for the next one? Mission Impossible 5: Death in service. Again box office gold. They really should just come to us for this stuff.

You'll really hate it when you find out that there have been many actors who have played Clancy's Jack Ryan too.

Well, I say I have a problem, I've never actually given it a second thought until about 5 minutes before I wrote my comment. More than one Ryan you say? Surely not! That's like recasting Bond....hang on!

What's that you say? Bond? James Bond? Surely you jest, sir! Good day to you. I SAID GOOD DAY!

Excellent guys, let's take the rest of the week off. Our work here is done.

*gets coat and ambles out. Head down.

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