New writer hired for Mission: Impossible 5

News Glen Chapman 12 May 2014 - 06:54
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Call Of Duty and Need For Speed writer Will Staples is the latest to take a crack at Mission: Impossible 5

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was a solid entry into the series, and went on to become the biggest grossing film of the Mission: Impossible franchise to date. Furthermore, it's also the biggest grossing film of Tom Cruise's career. At one stage, it was set to be the film that handed the lead in the Mission: Impossible films over from Tom Cruise to Jeremy Renner. The box office numbers, however, cemented Cruise's place in the MI pecking order.

Paramount has already ordered Mission: Impossible 5, which it has now scheduled for December 2015. Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) wrote a script that was seemingly passed on, and then Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) came on board to direct. It's unclear how much of the Drew Pearce script remains intact.

What's more, another writer has now been brought on board too. Will Staples is the latest to try and come up with a draft that satisfies all parties. Staples is mostly known for his work on video games, such as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Need For Speed: Rivals.

Mission: Impossible 5 is set to shoot later this year.

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Complete lack of comments here reinforces MI's reputation as the least interesting franchise on the planet.

.......although I have kinda broken that by commenting

I love this franchise, but this film has fail written all over it.

i don't think they can top MI:4, and certainly not with someone who is best known from a driving game.

Can you really top MI3 (imho the best one by far) or climbing the outside of the world's tallest building? These are in danger of becoming 1980's bond movies.
Also, can Cruise please make the occasional film when he isn't using a gun or beating people up? We all know he can knock it out of the park on a good day - Jerry Maguire, Magnolia, Rain Man, Eyes Wide Shut - even Tropic Thunder. More acting, less shooting! (Though I am really looking forward to Edge Of Tomorrow and he was superb in Collateral, both shooty films)

Least interesting but still massively profitable by the sounds of it.

I'm waiting for this. It was supposed to have been fast tracked when M:I4 struck so big, but obviously that is no longer the case. That came out in 2011, and I would have expected this late last year, tbh.

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