Mission: Impossible 5 confirmed, Tom Cruise returning

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7 May 2013 - 06:58
Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise is confirmed to star and produce in Mission: Impossible 5, which appears to be moving forward...

In a surprise to pretty much nobody, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have put the wheels firmly in motion for a new Mission: Impossible film. The last movie in the franchise, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, raked in just shy of $700m at the global box office, making it the most successful to date at the box office. As such, a deal has now been done that will see Tom Cruise reprising the role of Ethan Hunt, and also producing once again.

At one stage, you may recall, it wasn't going to be like this. Off the back of the commercial disappointment of Knight And Day, the fourth Mission: Impossible film was apparently retooled so that it was less of a leading man vehicle for Tom Cruise. Hence, the addition of Jeremy Renner's character. As it turned out, Cruise's performance in Ghost Protocol was excellent, and the movie turned out to be the biggest box office performer of his career.

The word remains that Jack Reacher helmer Christopher McQuarrie will direct Mission: Impossible 5. However, that's not been confirmed, and McQuarrie is reportedly also working on a remake of the 1968 thriller Ice Station Zebra (based on the book by Alistair MacLean).

When we hear more on either project, we'll let you know...


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