Mission: Impossible 5 confirmed, Tom Cruise returning

News Simon Brew 7 May 2013 - 06:58
Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise is confirmed to star and produce in Mission: Impossible 5, which appears to be moving forward...

In a surprise to pretty much nobody, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have put the wheels firmly in motion for a new Mission: Impossible film. The last movie in the franchise, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, raked in just shy of $700m at the global box office, making it the most successful to date at the box office. As such, a deal has now been done that will see Tom Cruise reprising the role of Ethan Hunt, and also producing once again.

At one stage, you may recall, it wasn't going to be like this. Off the back of the commercial disappointment of Knight And Day, the fourth Mission: Impossible film was apparently retooled so that it was less of a leading man vehicle for Tom Cruise. Hence, the addition of Jeremy Renner's character. As it turned out, Cruise's performance in Ghost Protocol was excellent, and the movie turned out to be the biggest box office performer of his career.

The word remains that Jack Reacher helmer Christopher McQuarrie will direct Mission: Impossible 5. However, that's not been confirmed, and McQuarrie is reportedly also working on a remake of the 1968 thriller Ice Station Zebra (based on the book by Alistair MacLean).

When we hear more on either project, we'll let you know...


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Interesting! I had no idea MI4 did so well commercially. It's easy for me to forget the real picture sometimes, as most of my perception is based on what my friends think. And since all my friends hate Tom Cruise, I was the only one who thought MI4 was well made. Still... that's why I come to this site :P

Well, since MI 4 was, until Skyfall, the biggest grossing spy movie ever -- at just under $700 million, about $100 million more than Casino Royale, and far more than the Bourne pictures -- not a surprise in the world about this.

Tom Cruise was all over MI 4, of course, though not quite as much in the marketing because of controversy around his, er, other stuff.

Jeremy Renner makes a good off-lead, but as Bourne Legacy showed, maybe not THE lead.

"We're gonna need a taller building..."

I have to say I enjoyed 4, but I saw it on DVD and only when I realised Jeremy Renner was in it. I think it is important that Cruise continues to head this franchise, but Pegg and Renner counteract a lot of the negativity which Cruise attracts. If the team of 4 remains the same I will see it in a theatre and I will be hoping that the screen time is split more evenly between the 4 of them.

"As it turned out, Cruise's performance in Ghost Protocol was excellent"

Is this a news report or an editorial?

Anyway, not actually opposed to Cruise returning (perhaps they could bring back Michelle Monaghan and Ving Rhames back too), if only because handing the franchise over to, the increasingly ubiquitous, Jeremy Renner would have been the kiss of death.

Stop trying to make Renner happen, Hollywood - it's not going to happen.

I think Cruise has a problem with the moviegoing audience, though he is probably the most consistent movie star around, so the problem takes him from uber-heights to merely very big heights.

The mainstream problem he has is amplified with some online communities, as we see in comments here.

You didn't see the movie in the theater, though it was actually a massive hit in theaters.

The other fellow didn't know it was a massive hit because his friends all hate Tom Cruise.

I agree that the team with Cruise is very strong. Paula Patton, who you didn't mention, is a very believable agent, terrific in action sequences as well as the drama and humor.

Simon Pegg we know is great with the lighter side. Renner brings sincerity.

It would be nice to see Ving Rhames brought back into the mix, as well. He was very strong in the earlier movies.

The IMF was always about teams, so it makes sense for Cruise to play more the role of team leader than lone wolf superstar.

have to say it but mi4:gp was good

I liked all 4 movies, and the latest was particularly good ! My least favorite is probably MI2, which was really going too far. But MI4 was great. And hey 4 movies in a spy franchise in 16 years is not a lot, how many James Bond movies are there uuh ??

Yeah, it's strange. In The Hurt Locker, he was brilliant. But as a charismatic action lead, he hasn't really hit the right notes. Mind you, he had to play a sleeper agent coming off his meds in one film and a dude under mind control for most of another film, so it's a bit hard to make the hero thing work in those instances...

So we've had Selling secrets, Deadly virus, ...another Deadly virus or someones lucky charm and then the stopping of global nuclear war.

Theres nothing for it, the 5th one will involve time-travel and dinosaurs.

so is Renner going to appear in this one as well?

Just to add...

"Luther, we're going back to London. And this time... we're climbing The Shard."

*Fuse lit*

Daaaaaaa DA DA, DA DA DA, DA DA DA........!"

I imagine so; he did take the phone at the end of GP didn't he?

As long as it doesn't involve Cruise flying a Penis ship into a space vagina and then exploding, then I don't care what the plot is.

Sometimes a ship is just a ship.

Hurt Locker didn't work for me at all. I don't see what all the fuss was about. Renner seems capable I guess.

I like Simon Pegg is comedies a lot, but his presence in action films (MI:4 and Star Trek) is distracting. Some films really don't need a comic relief. He reminds me of the cutesy/goofy side-kicks in Anime.

I didn't really dislike him (I like him as an actor), but his character didn't seem to fit with the rest of the team.

I agree the character is a little jokey at times.

And Scotty Prime, while a very good-humored guy, certainly isn't the big jokester.

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