First draft of Misfits movie screenplay in place

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27 Nov 2012 - 07:44

Howard Overman has revealed that he's written the first draft for a Misfits movie. Spoilers within...

This story contains spoilers for those who aren’t up to date with Misfits.

The success of Misfits has been something of a triumph for E4/Channel Four. Originally a very low budget show (and it’s hardly burning through lots of cash right now), it’s testament to the fact that very good writing and a quality cast and crew can really make a show special.

Misfits is currently coming to the end of its fourth series at the moment, and talk has inevitably turned to the rumoured spin-off movie for the show. It’s talk that the show’s creator, Howard Overman, has moved along, too, as he's told the Panel Borders radio show that “I’ve written the first draft of the script and we’ll see what happens”.

Specifically, he also added that “whether or not you’ve completely seen the end of Simon and Alisha, if our movie has our way, is another issue”.

A Misfits movie is still likely to be some way off, but we’ll definitely keep you posted as we hear more…

Panel Borders (with thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up).

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