Synopsis released for Despicable Me spin-off, Minions

News Glen Chapman 19 Jun 2013 - 06:45

They're small, they're yellow, they're wacky, they've got their own spin-off movie. It's the Minions...

It's safe to say that the Minions were far and away the most popular characters from the first Despicable Me movie and with the release of the sequel no doubt boost their popularity further. And, as was revealed last year, plans are advanced for a spin-off movie all about the Minions. It's set for release on December 19th 2014, and a synopsis has been released to give us a clue what to expect.

It reads:

"The Minions, breakout stars from Despicable Me, are presented in an origin story that showcases their unpredictable personality and physicality, and pairs them with equally memorable human characters. As it turns out, Minions have existed since the beginning of time. They have evolved from single (yellow) cell organisms into the familiar beings we know, and they live for a collective purpose: to seek out and serve the most despicable master they can find. Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock will lead the voice cast of characters as Scarlett Overkill, the worlds reigning super-villain of the 1960s".

The most despicable master they can find since the beginning of time? That could see Minions treading some not very family friendly ground. More on it as we hear it. In the meantime, here's our review of their latest appearance, in Despicable Me 2.

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Yawn, getting bored already. Overkill indeed.

Man I hate these things. When will the creators realize that they are not funny!?

Why does everyone have to be so negative all the time?

Who cares if you think it's a 'money spinner' or 'overkill' or 'not funny'? Kids love them so let the kids have a film about them.

There's this amazing thing you can do, not sure if you've heard of it, but it will instantly solve your problem... it's called 'Not Going To See The Film You Think You Might Not Enjoy'...

And how about judging the film after it has been released, not before it has even entered production.

Sometimes I read the comments beneath these articles and think that people just live to moan and whinge and complain.

What's wrong with being a little cheerful and optimistic for once?

Bearing in mind the first DM took over half a billion at the box office, presumably not anytime soon. Also, they are funny.

All sequels, arguably all big budget films are...

You're very much entitled to your opinion :)

I love the minions, and it's pretty much common opinion that Despicable Me would be nowhere near as good as it was without them. Generally, they're funny because of their eccentric behaviour and lack of talking in English. Hopefully they'll stick to this and not make them talk properly, but that could make the first act of the film very dull. Still, I have faith and can't wait to see DM2 and this!

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