Chronicle writer Max Landis linked to Power Rangers movie

News Simon Brew 15 May 2014 - 06:17

Max Landis might just be the man charged with writing the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie...

It came as something as a bolt out of nowhere the news that Lionsgate was making a new live action movie of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But the project, as announced last week, is a live one, and plans are afoot for a new franchise of films.

The first rumours about just who's involved are beginning to surface too, as SchomoesKnow is reporting that Max Landis is penning the script for the new film. Landis, best known for his screenplay for Chronicle, has reportedly delivered a draft of the script to the Power Rangers producers. And whilst none of this has been confirmed, it'd be a positive step in the right direction were it to be true.

Lionsgate is yet to confirm a release date for the new Power Rangers movie. When we have it, we'll pass it on...


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As much as I like the Power Rangers, I'd rather see Landis work on something else, like a Dr. Strange movie or Prometheus 2.

I WANT TO SEE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!! I have now interest in PR movie.

Things just got a bt more interesting.

Well I can't say I liked chronicle, just couldn't get passed the columbine with super powers vibe I got. Still it's new power rangers movie so I'm happy, just please don't make it dark and ... gritty.

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