Mickey Rooney: 1920-2014

News Simon Brew
7 Apr 2014 - 06:35

Some sad news: the actor and entertainer Mickey Rooney has died, at the age of 93...

After an incredible career and an incredible life, Mickey Rooney has died at the age of 93.

Rooney, married eight times in his life and leaving nine children, first came to prominence as a child star. Yet he was still active up to a year or two back, with his last two roles being his cameo in 2011's The Muppets, and 2012's Last Will And Embezzlement.

It is reported that Rooney had been ill for a while. He leaves behind a body of work that's quite remarkable both for its depth and longevity. And our thoughts are very much with his friends and family at this time.

Rest in peace, sir.

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