Wait, Michael Bay wants to make a film about elephants?

News Ryan Lambie
19 Jun 2014 - 13:53

In an interview with Yahoo, Transformers director Michael Bay has suggested that his next film might be about African elephants...

For almost two decades, Michael Bay has served up a regular diet of slick camera moves, explosions and macho banter, usually yelled over the chatter of gunfire. Bad Boys set the Bayhem in motion; Armageddon blasted it into space, while the Transformers franchise has kept the action auteur busy for the best part of seven years.

But what could lie beyond all those transforming robots and alien invasions? That's a logical question, given that Bay's just finished up on his latest summer film, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, due in cinemas next month. A second Bad Boys sequel, perhaps? Or maybe another passion project akin to Pain & Gain?

During an interview with Yahoo, Bay may have revealed the unexpected answer.

"Any idea of what you might want to do?" Yahoo's Kara Warner asked, to which Bay replied:

"I don’t know. There’s an African elephant thing that keeps [coming up]. I always wanted to do one of those stories."

The story was first uncovered by The Telegraph's critic Robbie Collin, who shared the news on his Twitter feed. Bay's words immediately bring up a burbling stew of questions in our minds. What is this African elephant "thing" Bay mentions? What does he mean by "one of those stories"? Is there an entire genre of elephant-focused films we're not even aware of?

Could Bay be about to unleash an explosion-filled live-action remake of Dumbo? The mind boggles, and Bay failed to elaborate further in that interview. We'd ring him and ask him ourselves, but we've heard Bay doesn't take trunk calls.


More on this perplexing news as it comes in.


Robbie Collin

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