Jordan Vogt-Roberts linked with directing Metal Gear Solid

News Simon Brew 4 Jun 2014 - 06:39

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts may go from The Kings Of Summer to Metal Gear Solid: The Movie...

One of the most impressive movies of last year, that flew under lots of peoples' radars, was Jordan Vogt-Roberts' terrific The Kings Of Summer. A Sundance hit, it was scheduled for a summer cinema release, and then never got quite the level of attention it deserved when it did finally hit cinemas.

Vogt-Roberts himself did get noticed though, and Deadline is now reporting that he's in "early talks" with Sony to take on the long-mooted movie of Metal Gear Solid.

There's been talk of a live action movie based around Konami's videogame series for some time, and earlier this year, producer Avi Arad told us that "believe it or not, after a decade, we are now literally starting to develop the script, the director. It took a long time to close this deal. It's now done, finished, the vision is in place".

There's been no confirmation that Jordan Vogt-Roberts has taken the job at this stage, but if his doing so also has the by-product of shining more light on The Kings Of Summer, then that's a very good thing. More as we hear it...


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The big question for me is "who the sweet lordy Jesus gets to play Snake?". The answer, as far as I can see it?


As much as I would love it to be David Hayter, it would kinda have to be Jackman. Or Karl Urban. Either of those will do nicely.

As cool as it'd be to see Snake on the big screen, I am concerned that Metal Gear Solid is such a massively complex and convoluted world - not just game by game but the story as a whole - that I can't see how a 90 minute film can even begin to do justice to the themes and ideas that make the game so great. I can't even see how they can do it as a three hour film. I just hope it doesn't end up some sort of Hollywood explode-fest.

And given that Kiefer Sutherland is the current voice of Snake and an action star in his own right I'd say he was a shoe-in for the lead role.

They will do 2 sequels, 3 prequels, a remake then a kids tv show. By then we will be dead.

Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman, Karl Urban, Dominic West and Keifer Sutherland would all be good as Snake. Scott Adkins would be great too actually, while an amazing martial arts scene or two would be a bit out of place, it'd be pretty cool haha! If they go for an origin story (and in fairness basing it off Metal Gear or Metal Gear 2 wouldn't be a bad idea) then I'd suggest someone like one of the Hemsworth brothers, or maybe Channing Tatum, considering White House Down was a 12 I thought it was a pretty great action film.

Why, just why? The games are already movies as it is.

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