Men In Black 3 becomes most successful in franchise

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2 Jul 2012 - 06:42
Men In Black 3

Sony has comfortably won its gamble to bring back the Men In Black, as MiB 3 becomes the biggest grossing film in the series yet.

Back when it was first announced that Sony was resurrecting the Men In Black franchise a decade after the woeful Men In Black II, many marked it as a fairly sizeable gamble. After all, while the last film made its cash, it makes few people's favourite movie list, and the amount of time that had passed not unreasonably left people with the assumption that the franchise was done and dusted.

But it clearly wasn't. Off the back of reviews that acknowledged the improvement over the last outing, it now turns out that Men In Black 3 has gone on to become the most successful in the series to date. Its current worldwide box office gross stands at $589m, although, as is increasingly becoming the case with big sequels, it's the performance outside of America that's really fired those numbers.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the big markets for the movie have turned out to be Japan, the UK and Germany. And with a DVD and Blu-ray release already inked in for November, the film will bank a solid amount of change for Sony by the time it's done.

Countering that, it should be noted that it cost an awful lot of money to promote. How many billboards last May, after all, did you see that didn't have a poster of Will Smith on them? That aside, though, the chances of Men In Black 4 have seemingly increased...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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