Men In Black franchise set for a reboot?

News Simon Brew
20 Apr 2012 - 07:02
Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3 might be the last in the franchise to star Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but it looks like the series will carry on afterwards…

As work continues on readying the third Men In Black film for its May release, the man who has directed all three films – Barry Sonnenfeld – has revealed that this ends the narrative arc for Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ characters in the franchise.

“The fantastic thing about Men In Black 3”, he said, “is that it totally closes out the trilogy, it answers questions that you didn't even know you should be asking, it leaves you emotionally warm and sad and happy, and it could also reboot the franchise. But I can't even begin to tell you how to interpret all of that!”

He added, though, that “if your interpretation is that Men in Black 4 will only star the worm guys and Frank the pug, you are wrong”.

That might just be us, but it suggests a reboot is on the cards – after all, if the franchise keeps making money, they won’t want to stop it – and perhaps it points to Josh Brolin’s involvement should a fourth movie go ahead.

That’s us playing guessing games a bit, obviously.

Men In Black 3 is out on 25th May, and you can read the full piece with Sonnenfeld, here.


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