Men In Black 3 delay and casting update

News Simon Brew
17 Feb 2011 - 06:25

The production of Men In Black III is delayed temporarily, and Alice Eve signs up for the cast...

Sony has high hopes for its revival of the Men In Black franchise, with the third movie arriving in 2012 under the stewardship once more of Barry Sonnenfeld.

Sonnenfeld has been having problems with the film, however, reports Entertainment Weekly, which has led to a postponement of production. The film actually started shooting at the end of last year, and broke for two months across Christmas and New Year. However, cameras won't be rolling again now until March 28th, as work is done on the ending.

Sony is apparently giving Sonnenfeld the extra time to tune and sort out the third act of the film, and Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can) and Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder) have been doing script work in this time.

This, surely, is a good thing. How many blockbusters have been criticised in recent years for failing to sort out a proper script before shooting was completed (we're looking at you, Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 and 3)? Thus, fair game to Sony here, for being willing to shut things down for a while to get things right. Finished scripts are better than unfinished ones, after all.

Elsewhere in Men In Black III news, Alice Eve has been added to the cast. Eve has been linked with many major roles in the past year or two, from parts in Captain America through to Superman, and she's been added to Men In Black III as a younger version of Emma Thompson's character. Oh.

The film is due out in the summer of 2012. It needs to be better than the last one.


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