DreamWorks drops Me And My Shadow from schedule

News Simon Brew 6 Feb 2013 - 06:32

DreamWorks jiggles its release slate, as it delays the release of Me And My Shadow...

It's been a bumpy few months for DreamWorks Animation. Firstly, the terrific Rise Of The Guardians unexpectedly struggled at the box office. The film's just about made it over the $100m line at the US box office, and has pulled in another $200m outside of America. But it's not been the size of hit many, including ourselves, expected it to be. It's a real pity: it's one of DreamWork Animation's best films, and its Oscar nominations snub is equally puzzling.

The film's financial performance has inevitably had an impact on DreamWorks' bottom line. But so now has the decision to release two films this year, as opposed to the previously announced three. The terrific looking The Croods is next up, with snail racing feature Turbo due in the summer. But the studio has decided to push back the release of the promising-looking Mr Peabody & Sherman from a November 2013 release slot to March 2014. It's argued that this is a "more advantageous" release window for the film.

However, it looks as if the catalyst for the move has been problems with the studio's previously-announced March 2014 release, Me And My Shadow. That movie has been removed from DreamWorks' release slate altogether for the time being, and finding a space for it again anytime soon - given that the studio has announced dates through to 2016 - will be a challenge.

All that's been said at the moment is that Me And My Shadow is returning to development. We hope that the studio remains committed to the film though, as it comfortably sounds like one of the most interesting movies it's announced. The film was to use a hybrid of hand drawn and CG animated techniques, with Allesandro Carloni directing. The previously announced story for the film was that it'd dig into the world of people's shadows. Bill Hader has been signed up for voicing duties.

Given that the film has dropped off the schedule altogether, we do wonder - and this is pure speculation - if DreamWorks may go with an entirely-CG approach to the movie. We'll keep you posted as we hear more about it.

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I do wonder, whether Paperman and the techniques pushed in, what is on paper, a simple short, will impact any future features by other studios using similar techniques. Let's face it, if Me and My Shadow were done using the same techniques, but were nowhere near as skillful, it would cause even more upset to Dreamworks. I can understand concern.

The techniques in Paperman and Me and My Shadow are actually totally different, and it's a little ridiculous to say the techniques in Me and My Shadow are less skillful, when you haven't seen the product.

Please correct the spelling of the Director's name to Alessandro Carloni

Not sure how my previous post bashing Guardians and DWA brass was worthy of a delete...is anything challenging your opinions undeserving of being seen by readers of your site?

The techniques in Paperman and Me and My Shadow are actually totally different, and it's a little ridiculous to say the techniques in Me and My Shadow are less skillful, when you haven't seen the product.

Re-read the post. He didn't say that the techniques on Me and My Shadow were inferior to Paperman. He said that IF the techniques turned out to be inferior, it would have spelled more trouble for DW.

I'm keep reading how "puzzled" people are that Guardians didn't do well at the box office. Simply, it's an unappealing looking film. The core idea is unappealing, the cast don't look inviting at all. No personality. Just...Unappealing. It isn't a "blockbuster" idea. It's a meh idea. So it got a meh reception.

Man, DreamWorks better not make "Me and My Shadow" an entirely CG-animated film, they should stick with the original CG/hand drawn hybrid approach because that's what got me interested in seeing it in the first place (once a definite release date is announced, that is). Now I truly like CG as much as the next person, but I have to admit, I'm getting tired of every single animated film that's coming out now being CG-animated. It's seriously time that Traditional Animation come back to the big screen, seriously.

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