Four directors in line for Masters Of The Universe reboot

News Simon Brew 27 Feb 2014 - 07:03

The shortlist of directors for the new Masters Of The Universe film has some interesting candidates on it...

Plans remain afoot to bring back He-Man to the big screen, in a reboot of Masters Of The Universe. Previously, the project had Jon M Chu attached, although he's now committed to making another G.I.. Joe movie for Paramount.

Since then, the likes of Rian Johnson and Joe Cornish have been linked to the film, although it seems that news of their involvement was very premature. Because the shortlist it seems is now down to four, and their names aren't on it.

The four directors on the shortlist are Mike Cahill, Jeff Wadlow, Harald Zwart and Chris McKay. Cahill was the man behind the impressive Another Earth, whilst Wadlow helmed last year's Kick-Ass 2. Harald Zwart successfully rebooted The Karate Kid, and Chris McKay was the man who edited The LEGO Movie.

Sony is expected to pick its director of choice in the next month or so. Then we can movie on to finding out who's going to be the new He-Man. We'd best prepare our audition tape. After we've eaten this muffin, though...

The Wrap.

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Don't set it on Earth, Don't set it on Earth, Don't set it on Earth, Don't set it on Earth, Don't set it on Earth, Don't set it on Earth, Don't set it on Earth (sends mind bullets to the writers) Don't set it on Earth...

Oh for God's sake will somebody PLEASE give Peter Jackson a tank full of money and BEG him to direct this movie (or preferably 3 tanks of money for a trilogy of movies). And don't set it on Earth. :-)

I hope we get Cringer/Battlecat in it :)

The Queen can, very briefly, mention earth as a throwaway comment if she likes. Perhaps King Randor can be talking about the threat of Skeletor and she'll say "You think that's bad...! you never met Piers Morgan" or, y'know, you can come up with something yourselves.

Otherwise I have three wishes -

1. Don't set it on earth
2. Don't have daft new characters that never existed in that world before
3. Make sure it's good. Really, really good.

I watched the original film last year, and really enjoyed it. It still stands up pretty well, considering how terrible it could have been ... but yeah, the sections set on Earth do seem like a bit of a cop-out, and definitely used as a way to keep costs down. I just hope this new one has the same sense of wonder the original used to fill me with as a kid!

And hey, where else can you see Mr Strickland from Back to the Future blowing Eternian henchmen away with a shotgun?!

i look forward to this!

Eat lead Eternian slackers!!

i get the feeling that Guardians of the Galaxy may influence where this is set and how it looks and feels

Genius :)

I wonder what he's doing on Eternia now...

This will either be completely brilliant or complete dogs droppings,i'm hoping for the former.

i'll take out a second mortgage on my house to invest in a film with Peter Jackson directing, writing or even producing.

No thanks. I refuse to sit through another turgid self-important self-indulgent trilogy! We want He-Man to be fun!

Yes! A sequel following his adventures would be most welcome!

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