More directors linked to Masters Of The Universe reboot

News Simon Brew 13 Jan 2014 - 07:00

He-Man is heading back to the movies, and a shortlist of possible Masters Of The Universe directors has sprung up...

Plans are still afoot to bring a live action He-Man movie to the big screen, with Columbia Pictures trying to put a new Masters Of The Universe movie together. The project his a problem last October when director Jon M Chu departed the film to go and make G.I. Joe 3 instead. Since then, there's been little word of who will replace him. Until now, anyway.

According to Schmoes Know, there's a shortlist of directors who are on the studio's radar for the project. That said, just because they're on the studio's radar, it doesn't mean the people concerned are pitching for the project themselves. For instance, The Croods' directing pair of Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders are on the list, but they're already committed to making The Croods 2 for DreamWorks.

Other names? Rian Johnson (Looper, Brick), Andy Muschietti (Mama), Joe Cornish (Attack The Block), and the directorial team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who have 22 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie out this year). We've been in touch since the original report broke with one of those directors, who's said that there's "not much truth" to the report. Furthermore, Muschietti is committed to making the new The Mummy movie at Universal. So unless Columbia is willing to wait a couple more years, it's probably safe to scratch him off the list too.

The only certainty we'd take regarding the project thus far is that Dolph Lundgren will not be reprising the role of He-Man. We'll keep you posted as we hear more...

Schmoes Know.

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Considering the first live action film was a bit hit and miss (even as a 6 yr old I couldnt get over the fact that Battlecat was not in it or Orko) I would actually like to see a reboot of this.

Only thing is, how well known is He-Man amongst kids these days?

Unless the target audience for this film will be 30-somethings like myself!

Besides the huge nostalgia-factor there was a rather well-made remake of the cartoon a decade ago, so fans of that show and the revitalized and ongoing toy-line might be interested.

A few years back I heard about a potential script by the guy who made the "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li", which would have been almost the exact same script except about He-Man and set on Eternia. If there will actually be another live-action MOTU, then I think they might want to make an extra effort for the movie to be appealing to both older and younger viewers, so that we don't end with the same type of stuff as the Bayformers or the Smurfs-movies. If there can be intelligent and sophisticated cartoons for children and that can equally well charm grownups, then I'd think they could do the same with a family-film.

I would like to see Peter Jackson make a serious trilogy of MOTU movies. It deserves special treatment, not a throwaway knock-off 90 minute PG crapfest.

The original is a classic. I enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy watching Flash Gordon.
Good journey.

*Replies from the 80's*
Get Sam Jones, he'd be awesome! Killed it as Flash Gordon

They sound all pretty much wrong... a He-Man movie needs to have awesome action-adventure and to not to take itself to seriously... I'd go with Paul Verhoeven.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't Guillermo del Toro make an amazing director for this?

I would love to see him put his stamp on it. I guarantee he would create the best and unique version of Eternia and one evil Skeletor!

My ultimate (and very unrealistic cast):

He-Man - Karl Urban (he needs another lead role after he killed it as Dredd)

Man-At-Arms - Bryan Cranston

Teela - Michelle Monaghan

Evil-Lyn - Tilda Swinton

Skeletor - Sharlto Copley (Hollywood, give this man more work!!)

Live the journey. For every destiny is but a doorway to another.

That cast would be awesome. But hiring those actors will cost a bucket and never get green lit.

Just don't give it to Stephen Sommers

I'll correct you. You are wrong.

Haha, loving your argument against.

I dunno, I just would love to see a really dark/evil looking Castle Grayskull. You can't argue that he does not do the Fantasy genre well (Pans Labyrinth says it all), and Masters of the Universe definitely is Fantasy!

Worked well with Transformers, I mean yeah when the first movie came out we had a few rehashes of TF cartoons out there. But the choice for the original voice actor of Prime was a bold step because it could've upset new fans of the series. I think it would do well depending on who they aim it at, hopefully it wont be as cheesy as the first........however saying that, me and the wife still love it.....however I think she's watching it for completely different reasons than me (probably why she also likes Rocky IV)

He Man deserves big production. It needs to be a trilogy. I am no mastermind producer but I have great ideas for my childhood hero. Whose in charge here, Warner Bros? Call me and we'll talk.

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