Rewrite ordered for Masters Of The Universe movie

News Simon Brew
15 Oct 2012 - 06:34

The new Masters Of The Universe continues its slow journey to the big screen...

Sony is continuing to push ahead on a new big screen Masters Of The Universe adventure, which will mark the second time that He-Man has hit cinemas (following the previous Dolph Lundgren-headlined movie from 1987).

The latest on the new project is that the studio has brought in Richard Wenk to do some rewrite work. Wenk, whose previous credits include The Mechanic and The Expendables 2, will get to work on a new take on the screenplay for director Jon M Chu. Wenk, you’ll notice, has form writing for the mighty Jason Statham. Just pointing that out. We suspect Statham will not be playing He-Man, however. Wenk has also penned the script for the upcoming film of The Equalizer, incidentally.

When we hear more news on Masters Of The Universe, we shall, of course, bring it to you. Here’s the story at Variety in the meantime.

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