New Masters Of The Universe film pressing ahead

News Simon Brew 31 Jul 2012 - 06:48
Dolph as He-Man in Masters Of The Universe

The Masters Of The Universe are heading back to the big screen in live action form. And a director may just have been found...

This one seems to have been chugging along for a while now. We're on about the latest attempt to mount a live action version of Masters Of The Universe. Granted, for a generation of us, Dolph Lundgren was He-Man. But as he gets set to blow more shit up imminently in The Expendables 2, Sony is pushing for a new Masters Of The Universe movie.

And it seems to be pressing ahead with the project a little more urgently, too. Jon M Chu, who directed Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and the delayed G.I. Joe: Retaliation has reportedly entered talks to direct the new film. While this hardly means the movie is suddenly just around the corner, it does suggest that progress is being made, and that Sony is now actively pursuing getting the project made.

More on Masters Of The Universe, then, as we get it. Casting ideas, anyone?


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I've wanted this for ages, but Thor was very much a Masters of the Universe film, it'll be interesting to see what they will do with it and what direction it goes, more fantasy or comic book

It's not going to be the same without pig boy.. (rolls around laughing his arse off). But seriously, I wonder what crazy plans Mattel has for this one. Or are they going to step aside and let filmmakers actually make a film without interference?

Surely those old enough to remember will not care or be the films target audience. Those that will be in the target audience won't be old to know what it's all about and won't care about it either!

Oh please don't get that Channing Tatum idiot to play a huge He-Man fan (and not of the 87 film), I think the film should be done Pixar style.

If only Sam J. Jones was young enough to play He-Man!

The Bieber film and the GIJoe they had to reshoot most of? Wow. Not confident.

Please be good!!!

They really are running out of ideas aren't they? I mean the original was pretty awful. We were forgiving because we were kids. But Prince Adam looked exactly like He Man.

Remake Cities of Gold if you are determined to mine 80s toons.

geta buncha unknowns! DUH

I assume with the trend of origin films that this take will be one of a young Prince Adam who, after seeing a pretty girl starts to get these funny feelings. Soon after he is getting struck by lightning and wearing a loin cloth. And we thought Bruce Wayne and Perer Parker had issues.

They need to remove all association with the old movie and burn any copy they find. I saw it as a kid, and even as a die-hard fan, I couldn't finish it.

Maybe they could make it as a movie tie-in with the WWE universe? I think that would be good for kids if that's the direction they are aiming for.

Dwayne the rock Johnson for he-man

Please don't "Conan" it!

1980's Flash Gordon was awesome (heck it even had Timothy Dalton in it pre-Bond). It should have had a sequel. But the first Masters of the Universe with Lundgren was just too freaking weird. It should have stayed in Eternia, not moving to some half-baked "let's bring the characters to Earth" plot with weirdo Earth characters and little gnome-like key guys. All the freaking cartoons they made for He-Man and plots they could have borrowed from and they make THAT? If that's how the sequel is going to be, I don't want one.

Surely Dolph has a son who could take over. LoL. As long as they get a good story down, with todays tech, the movie should be sweet.

I was going to say that I loved the original Dolph version and that it remains to this day one of my favourite movies - but I don't want to have to keep ducking a rain of cabbages, rotten tomatoes, dog-crap and paper darts from the vast majority who seem to dislike it! I perceive it as a satyrical tongue-in-cheek production that is greater than the sum of its parts. I suppose I could be wrong... but without the accompanying baggage, a remake in serious mode would simply be another Thor with a different name to avoid lawsuits. Do we really need a brilliantly made, gritty, realistic CGI-effects He-Man movie? I think I will stick to my enjoyment of the original, whose very faults make it wonderful to watch.

Some rules:

1) Don't f***ing set it on Earth
2) Have a really hot Evil-Lyn
3) No kids in it


Jar Jar Binks as Orco
Bruce Willis as Man at Arms
Hugh Jackman as Beast-Man
Pamela Anderson as the Sorceress

Tom Selleck is the only actor who can rock a mustache enough to be Man-At-Arms!

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