Mass Effect movie update

News Simon Brew 25 Oct 2012 - 07:12
Mass Effect 3

A new writer has been hired to give the script to the Mass Effect movie a bit of a polish…

There’s no shortage of videogame-based movies in development at the moment, but the hopes have to be high that Mass Effect will prove to be one of the best. It’s a game series with a rich narrative underpinning it, and so there’s plenty for a potential movie to get its teeth into.

The person with the job of shaping the script now is Morgan Davis Foehl, who’s going to be rewriting the draft put together by Mark Protosevich. Presumably, given that Mass Effect is centred on a battle against an ancient alien race, the script will have some tight budget parameters to work between. But Legendary Pictures seems to be putting some momentum behind the project, and has the clout to get it done properly. Fingers crossed.

More on the Mass Effect film as we hear it.


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If they mess this up someone is going to die!

Only in your play-through though.

I wonder how they're even going to pull this off, since the characterisation of the our protagonist (and some of the supporting cast) is so loosely defined. That was kind of the point of the game!

As it happens, Protosevich wrote the I Am Legend adaptation, so maybe it silly to worry about it being faithful to the game.

when the film starts do we get to pick Shepard or FemShep with a show of hands??? will we have to come back 3 months after the film finishes to see the ending? Now i'd love a mass effect movie as much as the next guy but only if the source material is treated right. I'm afraid we'll just end up with another Max Payne on our hands...

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