Mary Poppins 2: Emily Blunt now offered Mary Poppins role

News Simon Brew
18 Sep 2015 - 11:56

Exclusive: we're now hearing that Emily Blunt has indeed already been offered the role of Mary Poppins...

As we reported back in September, Emily Blunt is indeed in talks to play Mary Poppins in the upcoming film sequel. We'd, er, update this article with this apparent exclusive breaking news, but, um, the same story that's doing the rounds online today is the one we actually broke five months ago. It's right here, in fact...


A further update to our story. Our sources now tell us that Emily Blunt has been offered the role of Mary Poppins, and is likely to accept it. In fact, the deal may have been done some weeks ago.

There's no formal confirmation as of yet, but this is looking really very likely now. As always, it's not a 100% done deal until it's officially announced. But we understand that Blunt is top choice.

Here's our earlier story...

At the start of the week, news broke that Disney is working on a follow-up to Mary Poppins, digging into the many further Poppins books that author P L Travers wrote around the character. It's been revealed too that Rob Marshall, the director of Into The Woods and Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is going to direct the new film. And speculation began instantly as to who was going to be holding Julie Andrews' umbrella.

Well, we've got at least one name.

Den Of Geek (that's us!) has heard from a source involved in the casting process that Emily Blunt is on Disney's radar for the movie, and that she may even be the frontrunner for the role.

To be clear: this is from Disney's side, rather than Blunt's, so she may not have been contracted about taking on Mary Poppins. But she's apparently the candidate to beat, if she is interested in the film.

Blunt and Marshall previously worked together on Into The Woods, of course. Might the pair already have had an informal chat about the role? That bit's pure speculation on our part, though.

More news on Mary Poppins 2 as we hear it.

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