Marvel adds third mystery movie to 2018 schedule

News Simon Brew
24 Jul 2014 - 06:40
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We're now getting three Marvel movies in 2018, it's been confirmed...

Over the weekend, Marvel confirmed the release date of five new movies, even though it didn't announce just what those films were going to be. Some details may well be forthcoming at Comic-Con this weekend. However, it's not done with its near future schedule, as it's now confirmed yet another release for 2018.

It's taken the May 4th 2018 date that had been held by Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 4, and that means that there will now be three Marvel films appearing in 2018. That's adding to the three scheduled for 2017. We wonder if this is a permanent ramping up of Marvel's output.

The dates it's got set for its projects now are as follows...

1st May 2015: Avengers: Age Of Ultron
17 July 2015: Ant-Man
6 May 2016: Captain America 3
8 July 2016: tbc, but expected to be Doctor Strange
5 May 2017: tbc
28th July 2017: tbc
3rd November 2017: tbc
4th May 2018: tbc
6th July 2018: tbc
2nd November 2018: tbc
3rd May 2019: tbc

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios' boss, has suggested that we're going to get a sequel and a new project every year. There's certainly space in the schedule to do so now...

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