Confirmed: Captain America 3 up against Batman Vs Superman

News Simon Brew
8 Apr 2014 - 06:33

Marvel confirms Captain America 3 for the same date as Warner Bros' Batman Vs Superman. Who's going to blink first?

Well, unless someone blinks first, this is going to be a showdown and a half. Now that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has opened to huge numbers around the world, Marvel has confirmed what was rumoured the other week: it's going to open Captain America 3 against Batman Vs Superman.

When Warner Bros put Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel sequel back from its 2015 release date to a new opening on May 6th 2016, it knew that was a date earmarked for an untitled Marvel project. The assumption was that Marvel would move away from said date, but buoyed by the success of the new Captain America movie, it's done quite the opposite, and has firmly thrown the gauntlet down to Warner Bros instead.

Now, for some time Warner Bros has had the UK release of Batman Vs Superman down for the week before, on Friday April 29th 2016. But if it doesn't move its film, we're set for a showdown of blockbusters on quite a scale. We can't even remember two such huge movies opening on the same day in the US before.

Will Warner Bros blink? It may have to. Whilst many are okay with going to the movies more than once over a weekend, both Marvel and Warner Bros know that a good chunk of their target audience can't do that. And with May 2016 already playing host to X-Men: Apocalypse and The Amazing Spider-Man 3, there aren't too many other decent slots available in summer 2016.

The proverbial ball is in Warner Bros' court...

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