Marvel planning movies through to 2028

News Simon Brew 4 Apr 2014 - 07:07
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With Captain America 2 now playing worldwide, Kevin Feige's Marvel Studios masterplan is continuing well into the next decade...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier finally makes it to US cinemas this weekend, and it's expected to do huge business. Furthermore, it pretty much officially marks the beginning of summer blockbuster season again.

It's no secret that Marvel has several movies planned ahead, with the next five years bringing us two sequels to The Avengers, and one apiece to Captain America and Thor. Furthermore, Ant-Man is confirmed, and Doctor Strange - while unannounced - is widely assumed to be getting the green light too.

Beyond that? Well, in a piece over at Bloomberg, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has revealed that the current plans go as far forward as 2028 at the moment. Specifically, "there's a map of films reaching far into the next decade on the wall of Feige's office".

Of course plans change. Standalone Hulk and Black Widow movies are long demanded, but there's a hope too that Marvel will gamble on some of its lesser-known heroes, as it once did so successfully with Iron Man.

For now, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to cement Marvel's winning streak. And maybe we'll get that Doctor Strange announcement at Comic-Con this year...


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Make Captain Marvel movie. Make Captain Marvel movie. Make Captain Marvel movie.

As a casual fan of the franchise I honestly can't see them making it to 2028. Audiences are fickle and I wouldn't be surprised if within the next 10 years or so comic movies won't be the success they currently are, because there are so many every single year. MCU crank out 2 every year, add to that all the Marvel properties owned by other studios and we end up with about 5 or 6 major comic book movies every year. It's just too much, and it's quite evident with this that Fox, Sony and DC/WB are playing catch up with Marvel. And in the case of Fox and Sony it's purely so they can retain the rights.

Compare MCU to James Bond and the reason it's lasted 50+ years and produced 23 films is because only one comes out every few years, so the audiences' interest is retained. At the rate it's going I think there will be comic book fatigue well by 2028.

I know my opinion won't be popular with the masses, but it's just how I feel.

I'd love to see the currently running comic series Superior Foes Of Spider-Man as an HBO of Netflix serial. Or at the very least that interpretation of those characters getting an airing somewhere. Hands down its the best marvel comic I've read in ages.

I agree that we have a 'superhero bubble' right now and inevitably it will burst. But in my opinion that fact that marvel have such a consistent, ongoing cinematic universe is the reason they will probably survive the crash, while the other studios who are playing catch up will ditch their franchises in favour of the next big thing.

Anyone else think Benedict Cumberbatch would make a good Dr Strange? Or am I just nuts? :P

Is there a role BC couldn't play?

I love the idea of planning going so far ahead as long as the quality remains the same and they're able to mix things up every so often, e.g. killing off major characters and not retconning it later on.

Gotta wonder if any of the plans involve recovering property that's currently owned by other companies?

I just hope that they've got an exit strategy so it can end on a high if it's not going that well. That way, rather than just trail off into obscurity, it could finish with a bang and make people think fondly about the series as a whole.

Sorry, but I think you are sorely mistaken here. People have been saying this for years, and there's no sign of the bubble bursting yet. I think that comic book movies will be profitable for years to come personally. But who knows what the future holds...

I think the interesting thing with Marvel is the films don't come over as Comic Book films, if you know what I mean. I don't think the general public see them as comic book films, they are big blockbuster films. As long as the films have a sense of realism to them, I think they will continue to do well. And of course, I expect that the tone and feel of the movies will change over the next decade to match popular culture. Just look at the 2 cap movies, a world war drama and a cold war era spy thriller. All marvel have to do is apply the same logic/treatments to other characters and it's big bucks at the box office. Long may it continue I say!

He would be no good as Penfold in Danger mouse the movie.

This Kevin Feige chap, does his office have windows?

I wouldn't have said it until recently, but given the quantity of comic book films we're getting on an annual basis compared with just a few years ago I don't think it's entirely unrealistic.

Based on other franchise/genres there's always a lengthy period of success, and then quite quickly audiences just get bored and don't care for it anymore. Remember in the 90s and 2000s there was an abundance of space opera TV shows, all of which started with TNG. Now there's nothing and that all ended just a few years ago.

Yep. Outside of Marvel it's pretty much hit and miss regarding a universe building overarc. The next big thing might be more asia oriented, as China is getting more and more important as a market. I think anime adaptations will be hitting big time. But not before James Cameron starts it with a proper Battle Angel adaptation. We have to wait, I guess.

I think this is very true, and this is also why Sony and Fox will ultimately fail. It's not the Marvel characters that are making them do so well at the moment, it's the fact that they have 50 years experience in telling a good story. A crap character can make a brilliant film if its written well.

Fox and Sony are just trying to ride that bandwagon, and eventually people will tire of there hastily thrown together universes. DC has a chance though. Although they haven't had Marvels magic touch in casting actors and tapping up directors, they still have a lot of decent stories they can tell. The jury is out on whether they realise this or not yet

I fully heartedly agree. Case in point - the new Spider-man movies. Speaking only from a consumerist' point of view, I'm already bored with the franchise. Rebooting the schtick after just a couple of years? Meh. Plus - to me at least - none of the major cast I find holds any charisma at all. So for the first time ever (and I'm a huge SM-fan!) I will most likely pass on a Spider-man movie at the box office.

X-Men: DofP I will going to see, because it promises something extraordinary. So, coming back to what you said - eventually the bubble will burst, and only quality will remain. And that will be Marvel with just the one or other odd additional superhero franchise. Superman and Batman will never die, but I'm pretty certain a Justice League movie will be DoA. Then we'll get a nice decade of breathing room before the inevitable reboot.

Spider-man, I think, will suffer under the bubble. So will probably Fantastic Four - they've never been a big box office draw and smash.

Those are casualities I'm a-okay with.

If he's willing to do it, I'm willing to pay for it. Same with Hiddleston.


Things guaranteed to make you feel old - knowing that I'll be at retirement age by the time Marvel's current plan comes to an end.

I might be dead by the time they do a Ka-Zar film at this rate :(

It is odd though to think that some of the stars of phase 8 or whatever are probably still at school.

Grumble kids today etc.

I think the reason Marvel have a good chance to survive is that they're expanding outside of the traditional "Superhero movie" format. Captain America 2 has dipped its toe into political thriller realm, GotG will be a bit of a space opera with comedic elements by the looks of it. Ant Man = heist movie maybe?

These films are showing us that comic book movies don't have to follow the same boring format of Origin --> Love Story with a bad guy around --> Big Boss Battle that so many of them have. The new Spiderman and Superman films haven't done brilliantly for exactly that reason - they didn't do anything remotely interesting with a format that Marvel have already pretty much exhausted recently.

Marvel have put out so many films that now they've got a captive audience, they're moving on to finding new and interesting things to do within this universe. And it's for this reason that I think the success/failure of GotG could be vital to the long term direction of this project, more than any other individual film. If CA2 was an in-universe game changer, GotG could be the real-world equivalent.

Dr Stange's name as dropped in Captain America, I think that's ALL the confirmation we need... especially knowing how Marvel do like their Easter Eggs... SEASONAL PUN!

Good. I like that they are planning long term. They may not get to make them all but at least thye are laying groundwork.

Even though up there I said Justice League will be DoA, I think I should revise this opinion in more of the way that I think it won't be the cash-in Avengers is and is going to be. I think people will see it just for novelty's sake - but DC has yet to prove they take this universe building seriously.

Do you really think that they can follow Marvel? And even if they did - don't you think they'd need their own unique selling point for their movies?

Marvel is doing this "Blockbuster + Superhero + [Fitting Genre]" matchup that's obviously a brilliant idea and has hit a gold mine. What could DC come up with that could beat this?

I know what you mean, DC do seem to keep dropping the ball at the moment, but the bottom line is, can you honestly say you won't go and see a movie with Superman and Batman in it?

They have the luxury of such strong, iconic characters that even though it might take them a while to find their niche, I think they will eventually

By then we'll be on the 5th attempt at rebooting Superman (CGI and body doubles of Christopher Reeve, since Routh, Cavill, Lil Wayne and Shakira all failed to varying degrees), zombie Ant May will have taken up the red, web, and blue, Hugh Jackman will be on his 30th movie as Wolverine, (still no Deadpool or other solo xmen or even Old Man Logan, just 30 in. arms, 900 lb bench press, and dementia). At least WB has Potter to fall back on. I look forward to "Dudbloods: the Ironic Brood of the Dastardly Dursleys"


I agree. I will definitly watch Batman vs. Superman. But I think the draw here is the same with Bond (as some other commenter already remarked): Those are iconic characters, getting movies every few years.

What they certainly WANT to do, is giving you the whole DCU batch several times a year. And with that, I don't think they have the drawing power. Neither character-wise (Raise your hands, if you're going to see an Aquaman-movie - anybody else beside Aquaman?) nor foundation-wise: Marvel gave a few of their characters the much needed breathing room. DC is just throwing everybody into the Batman vs Superman flick, which just makes them play second fiddle to their two most iconic properties.

What I *think* would be a good idea was if they tried to hold their horses in the Justice League department and go with one or two movies a year until their characters are more firmly established. I would LOVE to see a good(!!!) Wonder Woman movie. But I will hate seing her getting dumped into the sidelines while two machos fight it out.

And here right there - that's one of DC's two biggest problems. I think they cannot or will not afford themselves the patience they would need in order to gear up and fight Marvel on the battlefield. They want the money SO bad that they make concessions that - in my opinion - will result in a worse quality of movies. One that will not survive the comic movie bubble burst.

The other problem is, of course, that they need their own USP in comparance to Marvel. They need to find avenues Marvel hasn't tread so far, for example:

* Making a strong woman lead movie (before Ms Marvel comes out)
* Explore other genres before Marvel touches them (Batman has already lend itself to the Goth/Horror/Gritty scenerey - something they should keep up)
* Maybe play more with the multiverse
* I don't know what else, and that is why I'm glad I'm not in the DCU's showrunner's running shoes.

I would pay so much money to see a Shakira-lined Superman movie...
/edit: Also, Vernon Dursley is dead, so there's one avenue left to explore.

Yeah! And with Yvonne Strahovski as Carol Denvers!

It would be cool, but there are problems...
First, the live action movie rights of Spider-Man and his "family" are with Sony/Columbia.
Second, Netflix could be a good home, but HBO is Warner owned. Meaning that HBO is more likely to make/broadcast a DC Comics show than anything Marvel (in original content that is).

I would pay more to see it never see the light of day.

I am Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite casting choice.

Very true, but we haven't had something long-term like the MCU so far, which (as stated above) has achieved the following:

a) a captive audience
b) having films which don't fee like comic book films, but genre films with a bit of superheroism mixed in
c) a continuation of (b), films with differing genres which can explore different corners of the same MCU

I think the above will help Marvel's cinematic universe survive the inevitable bubble burst. As things stand now, studios like Warner/WB, Sony and Fox could easily falter, but the MCU could easily go on giving us different films by experimenting with different genres set in different parts if the same comic-book-inspired universe.

And, by the way, I think space opera's coming back to the forefront of public conciousness. We've already had two recent 'Star Trek' films, 'Doctor Who' gaining increasing worldwide appeal, 'Star Wars' coming back to the big screen, preceded by Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

the only way that these films are going to continue to make money is if they begin to deviate from the already tired formula which all of these super hero movies follow, even the dumbest of the popcorn muching crowds are gonna get bored eventually, less saturation and more original ideas is what's required

Where is his office, and how do I get there?

Haha XD

I agree with you completely. If I go off my own feelings and emotions, I can't wait for the next Marvel film. Everything they do excites me. DC on the other hand, yes I will watch it and I wonder what it will be like, but it doesn't excite me in the same way. I try to remember how I felt about Man of Steel in the build up, and I can remember looking forward to it, but Avengers was the big one for me. So from my Geek perspective, Marvel is top of the game, and DC is seriously lagging behind, and as you say in fear of churning out a film to capitalise on the bubble/success of the avengers, but they are doing none of the ground work which Marvel have put in.

Going back to the point of the article, I think Marvel are more than capable of turning out good comic book films for the next decade, but DC/Sony etc are all up in the air. Once Superman vs Batman comes out we may all change our tune, I hope we do, but let;s cross that bridge when we get to it.

Going back to my point earlier, I don't think general cinema goers see that we have had 9 marvel comic book films (I think I counted right). There has simply been 3 Iron man Films, 2 Cap films, 2 Thor films, 1 Hulk film and the Avengers film. I think if Marvel stick to 3 films per character it doesn't seem too over the top.

Ah yes, Supergirlman, that movie was an embarrassment to WB since it was critically worse than Avatar 10:Attack of Mac and Me, the worst movie ever, even though financially it made more than Avatar 10:Attack of Mac and Me, which made 10 billion.

Couldn't agree more.

I agree on the anime being the next thing Hollywood will look to use. I hope they don't Amercanize Akira as Neo-New York or Neo-Los Angeles don't have the same ring to it. However, I do think something like Cowboy Bebop or Full Metal Alchemist could make a really good adaption.

Antman and his sequels, Strange and his sequels, and who knows who else on big screen and Netflix, and Phases that affect them all, Disassembled, Civil War, and then ABC can finally get the hint and do superpower shows, Avengers Academy, Runaways (they might be better on Netflix), it's an exciting time to be a Marvel fan.

The biggest problem Marvel will face with sustaining the MCU will be how they maintain the continuity with changes in actors - this will have to happen soon with Tony Stark , and Chris Evans is supposed to be talking about quitting acting. What if he doesn't want to come back when Steve Rodgers comes back from the dead (I am assuming a death of Captain America style storyline here somewhere) - new actor - now what if the film bombs? - reboot time or ignore and carry on with the MCU?
Historically this has been the major reason for reboots. We the audience are presumed to identify with the actors not the character so with every new actor I have to get told the origin again - I mean seriously how many times do I need to get told Superman's or Spiderman's or Batman's origin, I know it when I step into the cinema - there's a whole fracking internet out there to find out back story from.
Its a fictional movie about a fictional character, I don't care whether its Chrisopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Brendan Routh, Henry Cavill or George Reeves playing Superman, I know the back story, don't waste half my money telling me it - tell me something new about Superman.

Yes but who would play Baron Greenback?

I agree. I don't mind the odd superhero movie. But its wherever you turn nowadays. Its all cycles and what was cool to us, wont be cool to the next generation.

You really a mood-hoover.

Oh, snap!

Well said.

It seems they have with Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America Winter Soldier.

You're right about Akira. They try from time to time (47 Ronin), but it blows mostly because they have to use American Stars. Best thing so far was Pacific Rim. Strong Asian character with her own arc. And a woman, no less. Good achievement. But no adaptation.

I personally would love to see Saber Rider, because it was already altered for the Western market. It wasn't such a big Anime hit in Japan itself. But still better than Transformers, if done right.

He was mentioned in Spiderman 2. Still waiting...

It's such a sausage fest. Make a female-led film already.

So where's the list?

So true !!

I understand you point about rebooting the Spider-Man franchise far too soon but for me I personally feel like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had way more charisma in one film than Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst did over 3 films.

5 or 6 a year? since when? Last year, there were what, 3? this year there are 3 that I know of . Cap2, Guardians, ASM2. I couldn't name even 1 or 2 more, let alone 3 that are coming out this year. Unless you add lesser known or independent comics like the Kickass or Scott Pilgrims of the world. 2028 is a bit of a stretch, not because of over saturation but because of characters themselves. By then there will be demands for reboots to the big ones 6-7 like Iron man, Thor and Cap with new actors in those roles as it's doubtful any of the actors who've made the big blockbusters of the last decade or so will be able to keep playing the same roles. So the over arching MCU that they have built is unlikely to last until later then 2018-2020 before they start again recycling characters and stories for audiences that weren't born when the first true film in the MCU (whether you consider it as Iron Man or as the Ed Norton version of Hulk) became the hit that lead to the rest of the MCU.

I'd love an Aquaman movie that wasn't a cheap rip on the horrilbe way he was shown in the 70's cartoons. he's actually a pretty cool character. Super strong, fast, and durable, he's a bit of a cross between Superman and Flash. He rules a kingdom that covers 70% of the planet and has a rich history all his own that could translate into amazing visuals on the screen. He's under rated and over looked due to that horrible Superfriends cartoon, but during his peak, he was on par strength wise with Wonder Woman, more durable to be able to withstand the depths of the oceans and nearly as strong a telepath as Jjon Jonz aka Martian Manhunter. Add in the later additions after loosing his hand with a detable/projectile hook attached with a length of almost unbreakable chain and he could be a power house figure on the screen.
Certainly rather see an Aquaman movie then an Antman movie, even one done by Wright.

I wasn't just referring to Marvel films, but comic book movies overall. Last year there was Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, R.I.P.D, Wolverine, Kick-Ass 2 and Thor 2, that's 6. This year there's Cap 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, ASM2 and Guardians, that's 5.

I should point out 5 or 6 is the most there's ever likely to be or has been, but it can feel like there's that many every year, especially when so many other non-comic book movies have a similar tone.

I can respect that. The quality of the movie and their cast is always partially subjective.

actually, that's only 4 ;)
Still though, there's not a saturation point yet as with the MCU it's a combined effort so having multiple movies across multiple titles a year is a good thing on keeping the Universe connected and thriving, throwing in references to each other in order to keep interest in the various properties alive and well. Other wise without those ties, then yes the system woudl crash as we've seen with the DC properties.
Granted it wasn't a great film, but Green Lantern should have been received far more enthusiastically then it was and there were a lot of good things about it. Sadly while showing a lot of the Green Lanterns it didn't tie in to the existing DC juggernaut that was the Bale/Nolan Batman universe even in passing, same as the Nolan verse didn't touch on any of the other properties.
Man of Steel had a few flashes and easter eggs in it as teases for a potential expanded verse within DC, but we have to wait to see how the MOS2: BvsS does to know how it will really work for them.
The big problem I think we will see in the coming years is that a lot of the rights for characters are owned by different companies nad that could lead to issues as Sony won't want any mention of what Disney/MCU are doing and if the Fox run FF reboot does well, they can't mention anything about Spidey or his villains. And since so much of the Marvel verse is centered on New York, this could cause issues later on. People will get tired of seeing the same scenery in what is really the same universe yet not being able to see or hear about the cross references that happened in the books.
Picture how great it woudl see to have a WW2 flash back with Logan on a mission with Cap? Or a run in between Spiderman and the FF? Won't happen as long as the rights to the characters are scattered.

How is it only 4? I clearly listed 6 last year and 5 for this? Sorry I'm just confused.

Nope, you listed 4... "1) Cap 2, 2) X-Men: Days of Future Past, 3) ASM2 and 4) Guardians"

It was good, but both new Star Treks have large groups of haters, especially the 2nd.
And for every one that seems like a blockbuster there's a sadly under performing and badly promoted John Carter which was unfairly compared to Star Wars, when it has been around at least 100 years compared to Star Wars just passed 40 years. They badly under promoted it and tried to showcase it as comparable to SW, but should have tried to start promoting it earlier with releases of the books, a larger marketing campaign and showcase it's influence on the stuff that came after.
Pacific Rim was also another of those films that while enjoyable didn't do as well as it was expected to in a lot of markets for whatever reason. technically not a 'space opera' but has enough in line to fit into the general mold.
And Frankly, I'm starting to loose interest in Who again. I can sort of under stand Matt Smith leaving, and the Ponds and so on, but bringing in Capaldi seems like a step backward. I'm probably in the minority, but the bets of the new breed Doctors was Eccleston, who sadly only had the one year and was stuck with the most annoying and undeserving companion in Rose Tyler. I've lost almost all interest in continuing to watch, as I don't like or have any interest in Clara Oswald, and have less interest in watching Capaldi as the Doctor. I'd much rather they back off the main Doctor and expand the world, perhaps with a series spin off about the Paternoster Gang (Strax, Vastra and her wife Jenny Flint).

Nice try, Aquaman.

Your an idiot

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