Stan Lee: Marvel making Doctor Strange & Black Panther films

News Simon Brew 2 Jul 2013 - 06:37
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Has Stan Lee just let slip that Doctor Strange and Black Panther are set to join Marvel's Phase Three of movies?

With Marvel having long since locked down the movies that would make up its Phase Two collection of features (Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Avengers 3), speculation has been growing as to which features would make up Phase Three. This has been fuelled by Disney and Marvel announcing release dates through until 2017, even though it's not confirmed the exact films that would be arriving on said dates.

The only Phase Three projects that are confirmed thus far are Edgar Wright's Ant-Man and also The Avengers 3. But has Stan Lee, chatting at Wizard World Comic Con in New York over the weekend, let slip one or two others.

Chatting about what films Marvel is planning next, Lee did confirm that "I'm not involved in those decisions anymore". He did say that the people who are making the decisions are fans of the stories "just like you", and then added that "So they're working on Ant-Man, working on Doctor Strange; they're working on Guardians Of The Galaxy; they're working on god knows what. Did I say the Black Panther also? They're the ones I know about, and they're working on others that I don't know about, and shame on them for not telling me".

Doctor Strange is a passion project for Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, and it's expected that it'll be announced at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con that it's on the Marvel roster. Black Panther has been rumoured for some time, but plans had seemed less concrete. Maybe that's not the case now though.

If Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and Black Panther do take up slots in Phase Three, then it does suggest that further sequels to Thor and Captain America, and a sequel to Guardians Of The Galaxy, may have to fight it out in the queue (even if Marvel keeps its two movies a year production rate up).

More on all of this as we hear it.

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Benedict Cumberbatch NEEDS to be Doctor Strange. He would be so perfect, physically, for the role and he's such an excellent actor.

I like that idea! he would bring people who are unfamiliar with DS flocking to see this movie!

What about Johnny Depp?

And possibly Iron Man 4 might fight its way in...

first depp needs to get out his acting slump because atm hes just not been his usual good self in very poor movies

haha, Stan! There's a good reason why Marvel aren't telling you about the rest of the films! But thanks for telling us anyway ;)

Black Panther! Yes!

Iron man 4 won't be done, at least not with RDJ. He has only signed up for avengers 2 & 3 with no mention of iron man 4. My guess is that this will be like Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy which will get rebooted in a few years. So Iron man 4 is unlikely. Which makes me sad as RDJ is incredible as Tony Stark.

So if Black Panther is being made, is Vin Diesel having a meeting for this? Or is he going to be the new Blade? My mind wonders sometimes.

Johnny Depp would be HORRIBLE as Doctor Strange. Now don't get me wrong, I like Depp, but as Doc Strange? Wrong look, wrong voice, wrong everything about him. No WAY.

Now that Benedict Cumberbach, however; I'd never heard of him, but after looking him up, he seems like he'd be a petty good choice.

Also, I am VERY pleased to hear Doctor Strange will be a labor of love. They've gotten every movie in the Marvel line just about perfect so far, but I will be EXTREMELY fussy over Dr.Strange; he is my FAVORITE, and if they mess it up, I will be very, VERY upset.

Now, once they've introduced the Master of the Mystic Arts, in order to keep things true to the comics they'll have to have the Sorcerer Supreme stop by for a cameo in every subsequent Marvel movie, advising the main characters on some plot-important point of arcane lore. ;)

I don't think they necessarily should do it, but IM3 made shedloads. And RDJ does love playing the character, as tiring as it might be. I reckon if (probably just before or just after Avengers 3) they want him to do a 4th, they'll come to a deal. Maybe just offer him half the profits. It'll still be an easy win for them.

That said, I'm not convinced they should do another. I love RDJ's Tony Stark, and will be very glad to see him in Avengers 2 and 3, but I do want them to make room for more Marvel heroes. Marvel are doing 2 movies a year, and may eventually up to 3 movies a year, but even that'll be a push, and it'll only get up to 8 films between Avengers movies (as opposed to the current 4-5). There are lots of characters they should be showing off, and they have built up the perfect franchise to do just that. If Iron Man sticks around, it's holding onto a character who's already had a trilogy (including an excellent sendoff) at the expense of other characters getting their shot in the limelight.

Personally, my ideal model would see each character getting a trilogy of solo movies (along with however many appearances in Avengers, as much as it's feasible). That way the characters don't succumb to the actors' aging, the narrative's fading or the audiences' waning. Keeps it fresh, keeps it real(ish).

I don't see vin diesel or the rock as the right ones for black panther. I say this as a black cuban guy with mixed children: they're not very dark skinned. I mean this from a technical standpoint: black Americans are lighter than Africans. Luke Cage, sure. Him I can see. I'm sorry if this makes anyone uncomfortable and when they pick Vin over Djimon, I'll try not to cry about it. So in the words if Uncle Ruckus, Free Paula Deen!

I've been saying this for months. I have a friend that worked with him recently and I flat out told him he should tell Cumberbatch to lobby for the role. He didn't.

I could see him doing a good job of Constantine for DC.

Excelsior to this !!!

Pity they couldn't get Dr Orpheus in to play him and we could end this conversation right here. But yea, Cumberbatch would a perfect choice for Dr Strange

Great shout. Him or Alan Cumming.

Yep, Black Panther needs to be, er, black. 1/3 Italian Panther ain't gonna cut it. Pick up the phone and get Ashley Walters on board.
And Cumberbatch for Strange, all the way.

Peter Jackson and Viggo Mortensen for Doctor Strange. Spike Lee and David Alan Grier for Black Panth... Oh are they not cool anymore? What's that? They never were cool? Ok, Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry for Black, no? Ok. Well that's all the black directors I know so, John Woo and Wood Harris from the wire. For the Black Panther.

and Morgan Freeman for the voiceover.

Rihanna as the love interest. That falls into a random lava pit

Haha, Steven Rattazzi would be rad! He's the voice of Dr. Orpheus. :) I have no idea what he looks like, but the meta factor of him playing Dr. Strange could quite possibly DRIVE US ALL MAD!!

I'm pretty sure Stan Lee has said stuff like this before and nothing came of it. "Working on" is a lot different from "will be released".

Wonder if Stan will get a cameo in those upcoming ones too.... God bless him!

I...I...don't suppose they could get away with casting Idris Elba in TWO roles in the Marvel films?

As massive comic book fan, these upcoming releases by Marvel sounds amazing. But I have to confess I am a big fan of The Black Panther than any other Marvel character. If they are going to make this movie, they need to stick to the source material in making Black Panther from Africa Wakanda, rather than some Brooklyn born kid who becomes Black Panther. That fundamental reason why I have more of an attachment on Marvel Rather than DC is because of its diversity, rather than making an all american superhero comic book universe, inclusion of other characters from different background expands and makes it more appreciated.

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