Three new Marvel movies added to the release calendar

News Simon Brew 25 Jun 2013 - 06:14
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Disney and Marvel are putting into place their plans for Phase Three of movies, leading up to The Avengers 3...

Well, Disney likes to inject a bit of suspense. It's been around a month since it announced release dates for a new raft of new animated projects from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar through until 2018, none of which had titles attached. And the other week, it pulled the same trick with a pair of untitled Marvel films, that it gave release dates too.

Now, it's added another date, so we figured it best to take a look at just what's planned.

As things stand, Phase Two of Marvel movies comes to an end with the release of The Avengers 2 on May 1st 2015, and Phase Three kicks off with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie, which is due on November 6th 2015.

In the summer of 2016, then, we now know that Marvel has two films coming out. There's one on May 6th 2016, and another on July 8th 2016. It's the latter that's just been added. Another film is already on the schedule, as had been previously announced, for May 5th 2017. If Marvel keeps up this current rate, and we suspect it will, then we'd imagine another 2017 movie is likely to be announced too.

The question then is what are the films likely to be? It's a sporting bet that there's a further sequel to at least one of Captain America and Thor in there. Marvel may also be hedging its bets about a possible Guardians Of The Galaxy follow-up. In terms of new franchises, Doctor Strange seems certain now, with an outside chance of Black Panther. That new standalone Hulk movie may yet make it into Phase Three as well.

Expect some of the mysteries to be solved at the upcoming Comic-Con, later this month...

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Avengers2 - 2015
Ant-Man - 2015

Thor3 - 2016
Dr. Strange - 2016

Cap3 - 2017
A Guardians Of The Galaxy Spin-Off? - 2017

In a sad whisper...

... It should have been Spider-Man...

Luke Cage could be excellent if handled correctly.

Judging by some of the casting coming out of the Guardians movie, I think there will be at least one more cosmic movie in the line up. Isn't John C Reilly supposed to be playing the new Agent Coulson of cosmic?

My guessing that there will be a Nova Corps movie sometime before Avengers 3, just to big up Thanos a bit.

damn right, massive spidey fan as a boy i was and i wish the franchise was in Marvel's worthy hands and not Sony's grubby mits :(

I really want Black Panther and Dr Strange. No more middle/upper class white scientists. They have enough of those. Black Panther has Wakanda and is a king bringing new elements (admittedly Thor is a prince) and Dr Strange can offer crazy magic and demons and that. They can both bring something new to the MCU. I still vote for Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Cumberbatch in the roles.

A Dr Strange movie would actually have great potential but I think its a rare case of the director being more important than the star. Guillermo Del Toro would be an excellent choice IMO

I still want a Captain Marvel movie! Give us more female superheroes!

Peter and Viggo? It'd be like old times.

I think Reilly is actually the head of nova corps or something close to that.

The Rock wants to play him. I think it should be Heroes for Hire, and Iron Fist should be played by Donnie Yen or Iko Uwais. Let em fight to the death for it

He's playing Rhomann Dey, who I think does become Nova Prime at some point (in the comics), but in this movie, I think they said that Glenn Close was playing that role. I get the impression that in this movie, Reilly is going to be the local bobby for the Guardians.

Rhomann Dey eventually recruits Richard Rider, who would probably be the star of any Nova movie, so having him around provides a good set up for a Nova Corps movie

Dr Strange was a medical Doctor, which is pretty much as middle class, white scientist (sort of). What have you got against scientists anyway? None of the current Avengers are scientists. The only one who is close is Tony Stark, but he is an Engineer

Yeah but he becomes a sorcerer supreme and that has all the crazy visuals and demons and Dormammu and stuf. There isn't any proper magic magic in the MCU. Bruce Banner is in the Avengers and a scientist. Tony Stark, alright he's an engineer, but there's plenty of science in his knowledge and suits. They're doing Ant Man in phrase 3. So they're pretty much covered for that right?

Let's start a campaign now. Bruce Campbell for Dr. Strange!

Fair point, I forgot all about Bruce Banner for some reason.

This is the greatest thing that I didn't realise I wanted so much since Gorbachev playing The Doctor!

Daredevil and Fantastic Four should fit in there somewhere

I think these films are probably the Fantastic Four remake, a new Hulk movie, a sequel or two from the MCU and (unfortunately) Dr. Strange.

I think he's in Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nova. You can see the seeds being planted in Guardians of the Galaxy.

George Clooney!

Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Deadpool 3:Revenge of the Chimichangas.

Clooney is a no talent hack.

Fox, not Marvel, has the FF film rights.

I calling Cap 3 for the July 8 release.

Soon the superhero movie bubble will pop

and who are you

How about a Black Widow? It's ridiculous that we don't have one already.

please let it be runaways.

Instead of Dr. Strange?

I think Marvel will alternate between established (Avengers2, Thor3, Cap3) and new (Ant-Man, Dr Strange, Black Panther)

That's what people thought but the guy from the trailer might be 'Rage' instead.

I don't think that will happen. She is becoming a supporting character, so she is in IronMan2, Avengers and Cap2 (which is likely to explore her backstory a bit too), as well as the tie-in comics.

I'm reading that at the moment, I'm not sure it would fit into the MCU.

I think spin-offs from GotG is a good idea. The first film can open the 'Universe' part of the MCU wide open allowing various off shoots even if there isn't a straight GotG2.

In his defence, you don't have to have talent to judge someone's lack of talent. I'm sure I'd be a terrible actor, footballer, Prime Minister and Pope, but I can and will still judge the people who do take up these positions. Who he is is irrelevant.

On the other hand, George Clooney is a pretty good actor, so he's wrong anyway, but still.

avengers 2 - 2015, ant-man - 2015, dr strange - 2016, inhumans 2016,
guardians of the galaxy 2 - 2017, black panther 2017, avengers 3 - 2018

avengers 2 - 2015, ant-man - 2015, dr strange - 2016, inhumans - 2016

guardians of the galaxy 2 - 2017, black panther - 2017, avengers 3 - 2018

Peter and Viggo would be an excellent pairing dude. Jackson has a great talent for translating book to script and Viggo is an actor that will always bring more credibility to a movie, no matter the subject or the part he plays.

Yes. Yes, I am.

Yeah, and they'll move the release date up to July 1 so Captain America will be the big 4th of July release.


Just think. Aragorn (son of Arathorn) playing Gandalf. The Grey. Greyhelm. Stormcrow. Mithrandir. Magneto. And Peter Jackson, man he could make it epic. Too epic? No such thing, but his record isn't perfect. Still, he and Viggo are a good team. I've heard rumors of V being Strange, and I don't want to say what I heard in case I'm right. Unless you don't care.

I've heard rumours of big Vig in the running for Doc Strange. What else has ya heard Cuban buddy?

Then you've probably heard this **POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT** old Voldemortenson was on the set of Thor 2, leading one to conclude it was for the after credits Dr. Strange reveal. Old denofgeek article.



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