Is this Marvel's plan for The Hulk?

News Glen Chapman 5 Feb 2013 - 06:55

Is Marvel set to position The Avengers 2 and 3 to set up a big Hulk adventure?

Potential spoilers for Avengers 2 and 3 lie within.

It's a widely held belief that the Hulk was one of the best things about The Avengers, but with Mark Ruffalo being the third man to play the Hulk/Bruce Banner in a decade it was up in the air as to whether the character(s) would receive a standalone movie. Marvel's Kevin Feige had hinted that if one were to come, it would be after the release of The Avengers 2 meaning that it would form part of Marvel's phase three.

Well, the good people over at Latino Review have been some digging, as they have a habit of doing, and have uncovered some rather tasty pieces of information regarding Marvel's potential plans for the the Hulk. Here's what they've found:

"We won't see the Hulk until 2015's The Avengers 2 but we can expect to see an appearance either in the final act of one of the planned movies or post credit scenes that would set up the next standalone Hulk movie. This is likely to take shape with the Hulk being deemed a serious threat by Marvel's Illuminati made up of Tony Stark and Doctor Strange amongst others which leads to Hulk being shipped off to space which would indicate that the basis for the Hulk movie would be Greg Pak's Planet Hulk which would see Hulk enslaved and forced into Gladiatorial combat until he leads a rebellion against the Red King."

The scoop doesn't end there however, as according to Latino Review, the above ties in with Marvel's plans for The Avengers 3, which would follow Pak's World War Hulk storyline, seeing the Hulk taking out his frustrations on Earth's mightiest heroes.

The fact that Rufallo is signed up to a six picture deal certainly lends weight to the above, as it's somewhat unlikely that they would want to waste his contract by simply having him appear in a series of cameos or post credits scenes.

It's certainly an ambitious plan and would be great to see on screen. We'll wait and see if it all comes true...

Latino Review

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This is a wet-dream. This is absolutely the best news ever! 6 pictures eh? Okay, here's my idea: 2 for Avengers 2 and 3, 1 for Planet Hulk, 1 for the end-credit set-up sequence and 1 for... either a Son of Hulk (following the Planet Hulk stuff), OR something Peter Davidy, like maybe having a Grey Hulk film.

For those here who haven't read Planet Hulk, rectify that immediately. It is fantastic in my opinion. Followed by the 'oooohhhh holy crap on a cracker' of World War Hulk, this would make some very awesome movies.

Planet Hulk is an excellent story and, unlike Civil War or The Watchmen, it can be easily adapted to film.

This just sounds extraordinarily unlikely. Planet hulk would make a great movie but an almost entirely CGI one. And with almost no banner in it. That doesn't make it impossible, just out of keeping with what's happened already. It would also involve making the hulk bad or at least significantly dangerous in one of the earlier movies which is also possible but would seem out of place with the film character. The main problem is the world war hulk idea though. The comic was kind of a reaction to the critical failure of civil war - there was an apatite for the hulk to knock seven shades out of all the heroes who had been behaving like bullying cretins. Do we really think that avengers 3 is going to be set up so we dislike all the avengers and want to watch a film of the hulk bashing them to bits? It was a fantastic and necessary comic at the time but would be a highly dangerous plan for the film series to turn all the heroes into tools. There would also presumably need to be a fair bit of build up to hype up the Sentry who is a challenging character to manage in comics, much less on film.

Any adaptation would probably involve a lot of changes to the original story.

Sounds absolutely crazy. Would be cool if it happened though.

Planet Hulk is good stuff, but it doesn't really feature the Hulk, does it? It's about some kind of gigantic, green and unusually angry Conan the Barbarian. Don't mind me - I'm old and prefer the classic Hulk, whom we won't be seeing again in the comics, nor, from the looks of it, in any future movies. I did like him in The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers; that was pretty close to the real deal.

Agree wit the Conan comment but if it leads to world war hulk then carry on. In my head I see 5 phases. Planet hulk leading up to civil war for A4 and maybe end with the dark avengers going down in the siege of earth bound asgard in A5. Maybe thor can die earlier or seem to or whatever and come back like gandalf or whatever. Throw in osborn ( sony i know but im dreamin anyhow) and a thunderbolts film (awesome), and it Will be amazing. And in the end, 30 or so films

If they ever do heroes for hire, I'd like to see an Asian iron fist. I'm not always for changing the race of make believe characters in the name of civil rights. Seems empty and pointless to me. When I was a kid n I pictured being wolverine, I didn't see myself as black. Might as well go the rest of the way n still see a skinny little black kid with claws so heavy I can't butter my toast, much less fight omega red. Black is an adjective, and kids understand that better than anybody........ But iron fist should've been Asian to begin with lol. As a geek I'd like to see tony jaa or new guy from raid redemption( still ain't seen it, I'm a broke geek). And Michael jai white as Luke cage

If they ever did civil war that would be the greatest thing ever. I never expected there to ever be an avengers movie so it could happen but don't they really need Spiderman at least to pull it off. The idea of combining both marvel movie universes could be the most amazing event in cinema history (to me at least)

Definitely, and wolverine. I know that's Sony and 20th century fox but add thes 2 and bam, venom and daken. If there was a thunderbolts movie (i know daken wasnt a thunderbolt but do what) leading up to A4 (which can fuse civil war and secret invasion, so fantastic four and daredevil would be necessary) then Osborne and the bolts can save the day. Also we need a faithful rendition of bullseye. Gotta have sentry and ares too, for phase 5.

*so what. I would like to see an animated avengers vs xmen. End of line.

Screen Rant have an article on this with a bit more to it, it's worth a read.

How awesome would it be if phase 5 consisted of the dark avengers own movies? Daken. He would get wolverine possessed by demons and decapitate punisher. And red hulks own movie. Never as a good guy though. And on avengers 5 the Hulk mysteriously returns and the good guys win. Like Star Wars through return of the Jedi only with 5 movies and a bunch leading up to them. And Tigra. Make this happen, K-Feige.

Remember when Latino Review had an 'exculsive' from 'four trusted sources' saying we would be seeing a Black Panther film in Phase 2?

Turns out it was Guardians of the Galaxy...

It's nice to speculate but I'd wait for official announcements and/or easter eggs in the actual films themselves

I know nobody saw it but isn't the plot of 'Planet Hulk' very similar to 'John Carter'? I'm not sure Disney would want to spend that much money again, even for Marvel and The Hulk.

Dude.... Your absolutely friggin right. Back to the drawing board.

And at some point the shield show can integrate the Avengers Initiative.

This is absolutely amazing news. What a time to be a Marvel fan! Planet Hulk is my favourite!

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