Marvel to release Guardians Of The Galaxy movie in 2014

News Simon Brew 29 Jun 2012 - 07:32

Marvel's mystery release for 2014 appears to have been revealed: it's Guardians Of The Galaxy. Plus Ant-Man news, too...

We’ve known for some time that Marvel has a second movie pencilled in for 2014. Captain America 2 will be the studio’s first release that year, but it hadn’t been revealed what the other film was. At least until now: Marvel’s next project after Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and the aforementioned Captain America sequel will be Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The project is set to be officially announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, says The Hollywood Reporter, and Nicole Perlman has penned a screenplay that clearly seems to fit the bill. As things stand, Marvel is currently looking for a director to bring its bunch of space-travelling heroes to the screen.

It’s also reported that Edgar Wright’s long-in-gestation Ant-Man movie might have gain a bit more pace, too. It’s been reported that he’s now filmed a test reel for the film, which was shot last month, Whether that finally gets the project over the line, and earns it a green light, remains to be seen.

Guardians Of The Galaxy, meanwhile, is set for May 2014. Expect official confirmation soon…

The Hollywood Reporter.

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So are these dudes going to be part of the Avengers?

Guardians of the Galaxy are awesome. This is great news.

A live action Rocket Raccoon will be one of the greatest things ever seen. Presumably this ties in to the credits scene in Avengers?


They shouldn't be

typo: reveaked should be revealed

I wonder how the main stream movie goer will react to these characters, being all spaced up and all. I get the feeling Green Lantern just confused people.

Maybe it was a combination of revealed and leaked?

Totally unfamiliar with GotG; any good? Would it make a good movie? Does it form part of the wider Marvel Universe or is it stand-alone?

Not totally sure about this one, but what the hell? I'm in.

To do this in the wider Marvel universe might be wrong. Too many characters all at once? Avengers worked because it was characters we already knew. However, if it does work? Avengers 3 is going to be Civil War (unless they do a separate Civil War film, mind you)

that is truly best news aver that the guardians of the galaxy movies is coming in 2014 .

Hmm, never heard of them before now, and a quick wiki shows a group of guys with unpronounceable/silly names with pseudo Greek plots from a comic which has had two limited runs, neither of which was that successful. It was apparently the 61st best selling comic for the week of release of its May 2008 edition.

This is either a false rumour, an inspired move by Marvel or a potential disaster which will make John Carter (or Mars, goddamit) look like loose change lost down a couch.

They must be joking surely? A team up movie that needs to introduce a whole team of complete unknowns to the audience? That doesn't bode well. To be honest i'm not really seeing the wide appeal of ant man either.

So it's got the Hulk, Cobra Commander, some hippie with long hair... is Marvel about to hit the wall of diminishing returns?

Marvel is wee-soaked poo and Prometheus is jelly and ice-cream.

Looks like Marvel have was nice while it lasted.

How about a "New Warriors" or a Star Jammers" movie? Better yet, how about a "Beta Flight" movie?

I for one want a movie about "Captain Ultra".

Green Lantern was bad, yes, but surely it didn't confuse people? It reiterated the same catchphrases over and over again and had a super-bland plot.

I mean in terms of characters, al ot of people i spoke to who aren't big comic fans were turned off by the alien cast, who they had little to no empathy with.

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