Man Of Steel 2 said to be on "permanent hold"

News Ryan Lambie
25 Aug 2015 - 13:30

As sources agree George Miller is chatting to DC about a comic book movie, fresh doubts about a direct Man Of Steel 2 arise.

Warner's slate of DC movies currently stretches off five years into the future, with next year's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad to be followed by Wonder Woman, Justice League and The Flash - and that's just a part of Warner's grand plans for a sprawling cinematic universe.

But one movie is conspicuous by its absence on that long list. Where's Man Of Steel 2?

Late last week, Jon Schnepp - the filmmaker behind the recent documentary The Death Of Superman Lives - dropped a tantalising rumour: that Mad Max director George Miller is to direct Man Of Steel 2.

"George Miller is doing Man Of Steel 2," Schnepp said on an episode of Popcorn Talk. "I don't feel weird about breaking it."

We've since heard from two sources that there might be substance to this rumour. They tell us that Miller is indeed in talks with Warner Bros about the possibility of taking on one of its future DC movies, though exactly what that movie is hasn't been decided as yet.

One source says that what Miller directs will depend on what story most interests him, his take on it and everyone's availability.

While this doesn't rule out the possibility of Miller taking on Man Of Steel 2, another source has said that, as far as they understand it, the sequel is on "permanent hold."

Now, at this stage, it's not clear what this means exactly. Have plans for a solo Superman film been abandoned, or is it just in a holding pattern while writers flesh out their story ideas?

Certainly, looking at the crowded schedule of DC movies, there doesn't seem to be much room on the slate for a Man Of Steel 2 within the next couple of years, though schedules can of course move around depending on a number of forces.

We recently heard that Warner is privately planning a further three Batman movies starring Ben Affleck, following a positive screening a few weeks ago. The future direction of the DC universe - and its two leading players, Batman and Superman - clearly hinge on the reception of next year's Batman V Superman, so Warner will surely be keeping its options open with both franchises.

We're waiting to hear further confirmation on both the strands of this story - George Miller's involvement in the DC movie universe, and Man Of Steel 2's status - so we'll keep you updated as we learn more.

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