First trailer for Superman: Man Of Steel

Trailer Simon Brew 21 Jul 2012 - 18:32
Superman: Man Of Steel

It's here: the first trailer for Zack Snyder's reboot of the Superman franchise, Man Of Steel...

It's been playing ahead of screenings of The Dark Knight Rises since Friday, and now Warner Bros has rolled it out online. We're talking about the first trailer, and the first glimpse of footage, for the Superman reboot, Man Of Steel.

The film sees Henry Cavill step into the blue tights, with Zack Snyder directing. Christopher Nolan has been shepherding the project, too. And now we can get some kind of idea which way they're taking it all.

Man Of Steel doesn't arrive in cinemas until June 2013. But here's the trailer - leave your thoughts, as always, in the comments...

And here's a second version, with a different voiceover...

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If they can make this generation of comic geeks care about Superman, they're the greatest movie makers of all time.

It's weird. I was impresssed by all the news about this movie and now the trailer put me off. I think it's the LOTR music. It's like blasphemy. How dare they use it...

That was a crap teaser trailer. Why did it use music from Lord of the Rings? And what the hell is all the fishing boat stuff about? I thought at first the link was wrong and it was playing the wrong trailer or it was an advert. He looked like Wolverine from the first X men movie bumming around as a down and out. So far it looks like it was a made for tv. I will wait until I see a proper trailer, and some reviews, but yes Eric Petty is right if they can get the people to care about him and engage with it then it might work, but looking at this first taste, I doubt it. I am off to watch Batman again....!......

Colour me uninspired. And more than a little irritated at the cheap use of LOTR soundtrack

agreed, sort of. I'm still excited for the movie, but this is a setback. When I heard that music I just couldn't believe it was an official trailer, I was already searching for signs of a fan made trailer and all I could think of was the whole scene in LotR.. That's not what a trailer's supposed to do.

I saw that yesterday before TDKR and got really excited. Can't wait :D

i saw it before TDKR and in the cinema its alot better than watching it online i hope its a good movie i love superman

Looks great! And since I don't give a single 'eff about fantasy movies like LotR, I didn't even notice the use of music. It fit perfectly, though. I guess they're not through with their own score. Or maybe they're waiting to introduce the new theme closer to release? I'm ready for this movie. The Donner Classics are the bar that cannot be met, nostalgia alone. But, it's dated. And I want this generation to have its own "Superman" series to reference. I will always love my Reeve/Kidder/Hackman/Cooper "OTISBURG!?" era. But, with modern tech, they can make a Superman tale to resonate with modern cinema. I'm liking what I see, so far. Fingers-crossed with optimism!

Honest to god, my first thought was: "There's a Deadliest Catch movie now?"

I like that it doesn't feel like a Superman movie at all, they're at least trying to go at it differently. I'm interested!

well, that was a shitty trailer

Will it be the next equal to TDKR???

Everyone seems to think its LOTR music but whilst it sounds similar, I dont think it is - has it been confirmed? Even if it is, it doesn't bother me as it invokes the right feeling and ambiance. The trailer wasn't what I was expecting but I am reserving judgement until a proper trailer comes along. I'm glad they aren't going down the Avengers route with all explosions and jumping around!

I liked Jonathan Kent's voiceover better than Jor-El's voiceover.

You really don't know Superman if you think comic readers don't like him.

A superhero movie doesn't have to be a special effects parade, nor a straight carbon copy from the comics. This is a movie, a story written for the Big Screen, and as such, it WILL deliver fantastically, with the added joy of watching Superman in a great origin story.
The music... yeah, it was weird.

Looks very Batman Begins with the beard and traveling (Im assuming its taking place before he becomes Superman) Could backfire I dont think Snyder is nearly as good as Nolan, cant help wishing they had gone the other way and made a big bright Superman film.

yep got the goosebumps with that one lol

I actually thought it was very good, although I agree that for a Supes movie the colours are all a bit dull and washed out. I also prefer Jonathan Kent's VO way more than Jor-El's; it's much better at setting the tone and getting me hyped up. That last shot of Supes blasting through the clouds and causing a sonic boom was excellent, a very cool moment. I'm not convinced that music is from LOTR although it is very similar.

WOW.. I mean WOW. I'm interested, I love that trailer, just love it.
Don't know what it is, but I really really like this.

Most teaser trailers use music that will NEVER feature in the final movie, some people on here are way to quick to write this off after a minutes worth of film, losers.

I seem to be one of few on the interweb who actually loves this teaser- even as an 'up and coming' Superman fan (most of my knowledge of his lore comes from the ten seasons of Smallville), I got goosebumps watching this before TDKR, and although I admit the online version doesn't get this across, people should be heading to TDKR and getting the full experience of it anyway!

That was shameless, although the music did go well, no denying that. Hopefully, the superhero action will correspond well with these more naturalistic images.

I adore the Richard Donner/Alexander & Ilya Salkind interpretation of the Superman comics and when I went to TDKR yesterday, I was really intrigued to see what Snyder/Nolan/Goyer came up with for their movie. Although this is only a trailer, I think it captures the correct feeling of Superman as a film franchise: important, beautiful, majestic. Plus, this trailer made me believe that a man can fly again.

Guys, the music is definitely from LOTR. It is the score just after Gandalf falls into the abyss with the Balrog. It plays when the rest of the fellowship comes out of the Moria mines and are astonished by what just happened.

Agreed. This seems like they want to sell it as "a Superman movie for people who hate Superman" and I'm pretty sure a lot of those folks aren't going to be buying tickets anyway.

well that was better than Superman Returns,

lol, agree

Liked it.

Not enough to leave a patch on the seat but intrigued enough to drop some cash on it next year. Main beef with it is whatever happened to "show don't tell"?

Honestly, I liked everything bar the "voice of wisdom" speech. I hate them with a passion. No matter who the director is. Nothing takes me out of the experience of a movie more than these "Best supporting actor" scenes. If you can't convey that message with images, why are you point cameras at people?

Also trying to figure out if those are Christ motifs or just me overthinking.

Next year, Superman goes hiking, then when he gets bored, he goes fishing for a bit, then after much procrastination and soul searching he becomes Superman in the last part of the film. Hopefully it wont be using LOTR music, as thats what the trailer is doing , it does not fit. AT ALL. They want to recycle music, because the trailer is not finished? Then use the music from SUPERMAN! Dear God.... Someone should tell them that Batman Begins came out in 2005. Its now 2012. Next 2013...Superman Begins..erm I mean the Man of Steel.....I hope its good, but I dont care either way as I am not a big Superman Fan. I find him dull and boy scoutish, as Clark Kent and as Superman. I am waiting for Iron Man 3 now and more Avengers....

Stephen Middlehurst dude i totally thought the same thing! Deadliest catch what? hahahahaha

So they're rehashing the origin?

i'm so hopeful, i really think this can be great. but i do like to get myself wrapped up in the hype, yes, i got a Furby. But please, please let this be good.

This just gave me goose pimples when i saw it before TDKR! And having watched both versions online prefere Russel Crowe's (Jor-El) version for some reason.. but yeah - CAN'T Freaking wait for it!

Also, I imagine most of the visual effects aren't anywhere near completion yet, so it makes sense this trailer wouldn't include any...

Bit of a 'non starter' trailer to be honest. Was hoping for something a bit more boombastic. Still, looks like an interesting tone they are setting for this new version and excited for Henry Cavill as Superman. Interesting prospect for 2013. Will add it to next yrs 'ones to watch'.

What is up with the LoTR music? Do they not have a an *Original* soundtrack?

Looks like an insurance advert. Is Paul Whitehouse providing the voiceover?

A different approach but altogether decidedly uninspiring. The teaser trailer for the last Superman movie was WAY better.

The music is from the Thin Red Line. DOG: a site by idiots for idiots. Ta ta.

I'm very excited. I love the Terrence Malick tone they seem to have set.
It should be a blast, provided Lois Lane doesn't piss me off.

The Jor-El voice over makes me think they are going for the Superman as Christ metaphor in a big way

Nice to see a different style from Zack Snyder- Legend of the Guardians proves that when he has a proper creative team, he's capable of delivering some amazing material. And for me, the moment with the kid-superman doing the pose, with the camera off-centre: goosebumps

I enjoyed it, I think it captures the tone very well- from this I get the feel it'll be a very quite and nicely paced film with a feeling of huge power behind it, and really: if they can nail the presence and power and strength superman poses without huge works of CGI and use good acting, strong score and very clever camerawork- this good go well.

I have to agree, Superman is a hard one to get right, he's just too super.

Obviously they are going for a "Batman Begins" feel with these early teasers--remember the first one for BB? we didn't even SEE Batman. Clearly, they are both going for a more "mature" take on Supes & that is part of why they "severed" all connections to the previous films, including ditching the classic theme. i LOVE the eerie LOTRish theme playing over these teasers, and i'm sure we've ALL read the glowing reviews of the footage shown at Comic Con. i think this reboot is gonna be awesome, but I'm also a HUGE Snyder fan, and I know that not everyone feels that way.

so why did you watch a teaser trailer to a comic hero you do not like? it seems strange!

Get drunk, turn up the sound and enjoy. Great teaser and even with just a small taste of Kal-el at the end, clearly they have captured the viscerality of the character.

it is from LOTR

It's not the same one as shown at Comic Con, is that one available somewhere?

To be honest the super man movies are not that great superman is just a hard one to get right he is just to super but I hope this movie is good.

Who wants to see a justice league

didnt like the trailer. made me less interested in the film if anything. i am still very very interersted though lol

Great! Superman Returns wasn't boring enough for me- So nice to see Superman fishing and thumbing a lift!

Superman why didn't you save Gandalf from falling into Khazad-dum! Fly you fool! XD

Excellent use of Lord of the Rings music...wondered if people were ever going to stop using Two Steps from Hell in trailers. But yes, this looks incredibly....random.

ive seen the trailer from comic con & iam inpressed i nearly cryed myself its that good, the way this film is going because i hear jor'l saying he dosent think earth is ready for him but he earth father johnanthan kent said the choice is your,do you think the world is ready for you,that tell's me that the director has film this in a way that people arnt going to acepted him straight away & that people are going to be weary of him because of what he can do,this tell me as well that this film is going to be a whole new way weve never seen before of a superman film.the action trailer at comic con had everyone crying because it was amazing, this is an untold darker storyline which will make this film more realistic than the other films of superman have been. iam really look forward to this film,i know this film is going to be epic because it put chill's down my spin with emotion.this is going to be a well made film.

The darker side of comics, I get it, more realistic in a sense seeing as there are no superheroes worked for batman because there isn't anything "super" about him..just a man in a suit with great tech. Superman though, is larger than life in terms of being a superhero. This trailer..didn't jump out at you unless you fit that niche. a reboot is great for Superman! (long overdue) Biggest thing I think they have to nail is his powers. His morals and human nature can and has always been done correctly, Do him justice..Returns did well at it.

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