New trailer for Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie

Trailer Simon Brew 21 Jan 2014 - 09:39

Get another look at Angelina Jolie in the new trailer for the upcoming live action take on the Sleeping Beauty villain, Maleficent...

Disney's latest live action fairy tale take is set to be a darker affair than Alice In Wonderland from what we've seen so far, as Angelina Jolie brings Maleficent to the big screen. Maleficent is, of course, the villain from Sleeping Beauty, and the film - directed by Robert Stromberg - is set to get to the bottom of just how she went bad.

We've already had one trailer for the movie, but another has popped up. And it's shaping up to be quite interesting this one. Take a look...

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Voiceovers in 'epic' trailers - the death-knell of credibility.

Not sure how I feel about this... and from the trailer, it looks like the film isn't sure what it thinks of Maleficent either.

is it me or does this feel like it should really be at least a 12? Plus I rather like the tone that Maleficent's semi-guarding her from going back to the monarchy, implying not all is right...

"From the makers..."

"In a wooooorrrrld....."

"One man..."

I think they are going for the 'Wicked' angle with Maleficent not as evil as previously thought.

"Just when you thought..."

Err, after the Oz, the great and powerful this looks even worst. And the voice-over okay, way to kill the tension.

"In a land before time..."

"... it was over, they come back... with vengeance!"

"From the director of..."

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