George Miller on Mad Max: Fury Road delay, Mel Gibson

News Simon Brew 3 Dec 2013 - 06:30

Director George Miller explains Mad Max: Fury Road's 2015 release date, and addresses the Mel Gibson cameo rumour...

Eyebrows were raised when Warner Bros finally announced a release date for the fourth Mad Max film, Mad Max: Fury Road, and it turned out that the movie was still well over a year away. In spite of the fact that the film finished its main block of shooting some time ago, we're not going to get to see it until May 15th 2015. However, chatting to the Sydney Morning Herald, director George Miller has now explained why.

"Our film. luckily after a ridiculous amount of work, is testing extremely well. We're very happy", he said. "There has been a lot of doubt about it ... but Warners have delayed it until 2015 to go into the top weekend of the year".

That's not yhe only reason for the delay, though. It also seems that Warner Bros didn't want it to be released in 2014, for fear of having to compete against the football World Cup. Doing so wouldn't hurt US takings too much, but could do a lot of damage elsewhere in the world.

Miller, incidentally, also addressed rumours of a Mel Gibson cameo in the movie. "It would have been nice somehow, but no it's not true".

Miller is finishing up some additional filming on the movie at the moment, but will finally wrap production in the next two weeks. Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy star in the movie, and Miller is likely to spend a good chunk of 2014 in an edit suite, tuning it to his liking. More on the film as we hear it...

Sydney Morning Herald.

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Is this the first time ever that a studio has pushed back a film because of a sporting event?

Its a fair point though. Usually the films that are released during the World Cup are catered more for the taste of the none football fans. So a post apocalyptic Fast and Furious may not fit the bill. I'm not sure that the Mad Max film that I would like to have seen made is really a huge summer tentpole movie. I'd want at least a 15 certificate and not a watered down 12. World War Z made some decent money during a crowded summer despite having a 15 certificate.

This must be a very difficult movie to contemplate for studios in the current Hollywood business paradigm, so I commend the studio for taking the chance, even if it means being extremely cautious about its release date.

BTTD was really more of an adventure film than anything else, I think. The original was almost a horror movie on wheels, and brilliant for the psychological horror it perpetrates. As a husband and a father, it's hard to watch some of those scenes now. And 2 was a pretty logical move, putting the focus on Max and saying, well, he was made in 1, now let's see what he does. But 3 tried to do something which I wanted to see - a bit more lore and legend about that post-apocalyptic world, and I think that probably forced it to be less stressful than the first or even second.

One thing I don't know though - is 4 a reboot, or a continuation, or what?

Hiya Neurotic What do you mean by BTTD? I'm wracking my brains trying to work it out and I'll have a crap day with it niggling in my brain!
I've recently rewatched the Mad Max trilogy on Sky and they've all really stood the test of time. Especially Part 2. Apparently Mad Max Fury Road apparently according to the little info out there (Wikipedia) is an "interquel" and by that awful word, they mean that it is set in the Mad Max world between the events in the original film and the second film. So that explains why they still have fuel for their cars!

?Beyond (The) Thunder Dome?

Heh, sorry about that - I hate it when people casually use acronyms like that, and there I've done it myself. :D I'm thinking of Beyond the Thunder Dome.
Interesting that it's set between one and two. Lots of room for old Max to be the vengeful loon we know and love. :D

Ha ha! No worries! Yep it will be interesting to see what they do with the premise but it makes a Gibson cameo unlikely, unless they go down the Jeff Bridges/Tron 2 route and CGI Gibson to make him look younger! I just hope they keep the effects and stunts real and don't overdose on the CGI effects.

From what I hear, it favours the authentic crash-n-smash over the Mario Kart effects. :D

I'm sure I read somewhere (most likely here) that Fury Road would take place 'immediately after the events of the second movie...' I guess that would mean no V8 Interceptor, which would be a shame.

Kudos to Warner Bros for saying "Hey, it tested great but let's just spend more money on it for additional scenes".
I'm sure that's totally what happened.

Back To The Doochur!

The smart ones odd. Mad Max was always much more an international film than an American favorite. Heck, I saw the first Mad Max film in an art theater, and I was the only person I knew how had ever heard of the film.

Hiya Mr Katanga, I presumed that too (I'm sure that's what I read eons ago) but according to Wikipedia its set between one and two! That deals with the Oil Wars and it aftermath it means they still have petrol to fuel the cars so that's cool with me! I'm also confident with whatever George Miller does with his baby! He's had 30 years to iron any wrinkles in the story out!

I guess what it comes down to is whether it's good or not... regardless of when/where it's set, if it's a good movie, it doesn't matter. I'm not a fan of BTTFTDD or whatever we're calling it these days, but 1&2 are stone-cold classics. If he's decided to set it between those two then it's the interceptor, Dog and the shotgun with hardly any ammo and that sounds awesome.

Sounds good to me. Although the risen studio interest could mean PG13 as well... I hope not.

Could be Tom Hardy's franchise starter, which would be awesome. I wish him all the best as he clearly is the beast of acting in his generation IMHO. I guess we have to wait and see. 2015 is already so packed with awesomeness, I can hardly wait!

Strange, because May 15 is somewhere around the usual Star Wars Relase date. However, the Episode VII is going to be released in December 2015, which is an interesting precedent. Come what may, good thing that the two iconic movie franchises won't have to fight each other off.

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