New trailer for Machete Kills

Trailer Simon Brew 18 Sep 2013 - 07:03

Danny Trejo returns as Machete in Machete Kills. And we've got a blood-soaked new trailer for it right here...

Heading to cinemas next month is the first of a pair of sequels that director Robert Rodriguez has been working on. Next year, we get the delayed Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. But in a few weeks, there's the small matter of Machete Kills, which returns Danny Trejo to the title role.

And as you can see from this new red band trailer for the movie, things have not been toned down at all. We should point out that this trailer is red band for a reason, thanks to its liberal soaking of blood and Charlie Sheen. There are naughty words too.

If you're okay with all of those things, and are of an adult age, then help yourself to the below. Machete Kills arrives in cinemas on October 11th...

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Mel Gibson, how I've missed you.

I really hope this and Expendables 3 get Gibson back at the front of casting Directors minds. Yes the mans clearly a bit of a dick at times, but damn he can act.

(I'm not saying I'm condoning anyone's behavior or opinions but) if everyone in Hollywood who was a dick stopped getting work we'd probably only see 4 new films a year!

Gibson is very much missed from the big screen ...With Willis seemingly just doing anything for a payslip these days(direct to dvd why bruce why) Gibson appears to have some savy about him still in regard to scripts....this ex3 and (fingers crossed) an extended mad max 4 cameo are all smart moves.....

Danny is almost as scary as he is in the El Paso Mexican foods ads.

All directed by and starring Adam sandler!

Can't wait for this. Looks gory, sick and fun. Oh, and The Vergara too...

He does look like he's having fun doesn't he? Oh and people really shoud check out 'What I did on My Summer Vacation' ('Get the Gringo' in the US) - it's actually pretty good.

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