MacGruber 2 still on the way

News Simon Brew
1 Sep 2014 - 07:17

Will Forte and Jorma Taccone are making progress with MacGruber 2. Now they need someone to let them make it...

It was last year that Will Forte confirmed plans for a sequel to comedy action movie MacGruber. And in a new chat with Collider, Forte has revealed that things are moving along on the project.

Writer-director Jorma Taccone is once again at work on the movie, and Forte revealed that "Jorma just sent an outline for MacGruber 2. We had worked together on something and I had fleshed out the first act of MacGruiber 2. He took that and went nuts on the rest of it".

So will the new film definitely happen? Maybe, maybe not. "It's out of our hands. But were writing it for sure", Forte said. "If somebody will let us do it, then we'll do it".

Will Forte will next be seen in Life Of Crime.


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