New international trailer for Looper

Trailer Simon Brew 15 Aug 2012 - 08:05

Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in the excellent-looking Looper. And here’s a new trailer for it…

There’s a real treat incoming in the next few weeks, in the shape of Rian Johnson’s terrific-looking Looper. It stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and truthfully, it has the look of a film that would particularly benefit from not knowing much about it before you go to see it.

Still, here’s a test for all our resolves on the point, one that we failed miserably with. A brand new international trailer for the movie has landed, that does explain the concept behind the film. We’re hoping the movie itself lives up to the very obvious promise that it’s displaying so far.

Here’s the trailer…

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It's nice to see something original in the cinema this year. While I've enjoyed most of the remakes, sequels and adaptations that have come out this year, they're still remakes, sequels and adaptations. Stuff like this should be dominating cinema, rather than being trampled by the franchise. That said, it's not economically viable, is it? How sad.

This looks great, in an independent-film-shot-on-a-tight_budget sort of way. And I think that's a very good thing! It looks fresh, exciting and I'm all-in. I'll be there opening night!

I think you underestimate this film. I've only see the trailers, but JG-L and Willis are good actors with a track record of solid films. The word just needs to get out!

Believe me, I really want this to do well. I think the fact it's got huge names Gordon-Levitt and Willis on board will do it wonders. I just meant, in the climate of modern cinema, there's a sad lack of original material, with the top-quality original stuff being stomped into the ground by franchise galore. I can't wait to see this and hope it's the first of many films that do not depend on anything that came before.

Gotcha, and agreed. Maybe that's why it looks like an independent film to me; it's not based on a previous movie or franchise.

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